A life

What is wrong with me and where are men ready to live life with me?

When four of your five girlfriends suddenly marry within a year, and you are a strong, independent woman with two cats, you live in your apartment, you start to think about what is wrong with you and where all these men with whom they decided to live a life.

So, returning from a terrific trip to the Arctic Circle, I thought about how I would now shine with photos of the northern lights and the incredible waves of the Arctic Ocean on social networks, waiting for an assessment from my intended object of sighing. I flew on a plane, sitting in a chair between two of my friends, with the same name, making wishes and dreaming. At home all the same cats were waiting for me, and with them indecision and independence.

The trip left a great impression on us, the three travelers. With one of them, after arrival, we looked through the memories reflected in the photos, exchanged files, laughed and stayed at my place to sleep. The same thing happened the next day, and the day after. And, since I am free as the wind, you can indulge in love without commitment, wake up, forget, score, repeat. Normal friend, familiar to four years. I have a plan. Now I’ll leave everything, the emotions from the holiday will die down - I will take up my personal life, I will write to my intended love object, myself. To whom I consider it necessary. Night. Morning is coming soon Soon to work. Many thoughts in my head.

I left spare keys and left. The work was distracting, I told Sasha that it was time to tie up with entertainment, I had a life, I had goals, a career, and a new novel was about to break. How wrong I was, I thought we understood each other, from the side I considered him to be easy, absolutely not interested in relationships, I thought he was having fun once again. He did not come to give me the keys, he arrived with a bag of things, a laptop, and demanded to give him a towel.

At first I didn’t believe, asked not to make fun, hysteria, expelled. This was not part of my plans. A strong, independent woman must write the script herself. I went to visit my married girlfriends, cried, swore, asked for advice. Their recommendations and vision of the situation suggested that I should calm down and take a closer look that their relations also began absolutely unexpectedly, not with the men they had planned for themselves.

From now on, when I see a couple, completely different love stories arise in my head than before. How much can change the attitude to the same person! Maybe the novels shown to us in the films described in the books are so harmonious, romantic, sensual and exist, but, even in our entire life, we can face such or not. Can only see on screen or paper. But it does not matter when you find yourself in the place where you planned to be, writing your script. The paths of achievement may be different and this is great. These are the stories that you can then share all your life, tell unmarried friends, children, grandchildren.

Yes, at first everything was strange. After several years of lonely life, it is very difficult to share space, and it is even harder to build relationships that you do not believe in. There are a lot of things that women do alone, which men just don’t understand: dance in front of a mirror, beauty treatments, songs in the shower, and sometimes we watch on TV. Or so it seems to us. In any case, at first we limit ourselves in freedom of action. But time puts everything in its place. If the most important points for creating a joint life come back to normal and begin to satisfy, then living together with him becomes a necessity. Love comes. And let it not begin with crazy love and romance, the acquired feeling will fill it in full.