A life

Three times married to one man

My younger sister has always been categorical, since childhood. It is difficult to argue with her, but to prove nothing at all is possible. Only she is right and no one else. I remember how my mother said that it would be difficult for her in life, especially in marriage. How can you live with a person if you do not respect his opinion?

For this reason, my sister had practically no friends, and those that appeared, tried to communicate with her as little as possible. All her friends even feared, because in the eyes she could say everything she thinks. And all the same, where and in whose presence it happens - with common friends, with her husband, with parents. It’s nice if a girlfriend blurs something that could destroy a relationship.

When my sister introduced us to the boyfriend, presenting him as her boyfriend, my mother always tried to talk to her. It was impossible to teach the mind reason, but at least some advice to give. Moreover, the guy we all liked - a beautiful, smart, from a good family. And most importantly, he looked at my Lucy with such eyes in love!

To the surprise of all their relationships soon led to marriage. Sister fluttered so happy and contented. She simply adored her mistress, caught every word of him. And my mother and I were surprised - what love does to people, even to such obstinate people like Lyusya.

After the birth of the first child, all the bitchiness returned to her, even more so than before. Mitya did everything at home, worked two jobs, tried to please everyone. But my sister, like a chain broke. She did not like everything, for any reason criticized her husband. Could do it with his friends. The man suffered for a long time, and then packed up and left. Their son at that time was almost two years.

Lyuska did not expect such a turn. How dare he throw such a princess? Mitya helped as before - he bought food, gave money for things, came to his son constantly. And I do not know how it happened with my sister, but she was pregnant. Naturally, from her ex-husband. And he, like a decent man, married her again. True, this time he took the floor from her, that Lyusya would change her character, would respect him and would reckon with the opinions of others.

Sister really changed a lot. My mother and I hoped that she took into account all past mistakes, that she became wiser with age. Yes, and two children in their arms, this is not a joke. What normal woman wants to lose her husband in this position?

After the birth of her daughter, Lyuska became softer, madly in love with the baby. And in relations with Mitya everything was smooth and calm. It was time to go to work and send the little son to the first grade. My sister got a job in a promising company in her specialty. And then her hardness and determination came in handy - the rapid growth of her career stunned everyone. Just a year later she became the head of the advertising department, and her salary exceeded her husband several times.

And probably she felt like a star again - everything was back, and reproaches, and scandals. Only now she even flew off the coils. Being once an unwitting witness to their quarrel, I simply went crazy. For such words I would have my husband even be nibbled. And Mitya collected the things again and went to his parents. Only now her sister did not need anything and began to prevent her father from visiting her children.

This confrontation lasted for several years, until our mother fell ill with cancer. And the last thing she asked Lyuska before her death was to make peace with her husband, to let him see the children, and if not to return, then at least not to swear. He is the father of her children and the other will not, even if she marries a hundred times. Moreover, Mitya continued to love her. I really don't understand men at times. How can you forgive everything, remain faithful to past relationships, because he never made a family and did not start anyone. I knew that for sure, as we continued to be friends with him. My sister didn’t welcome this very much, but I can also defend my opinion, only within the framework of decency.

When we buried mom, Lyuska ceased to look like herself. And for some reason, she began to blame herself for the death of her mother. She said that it was she who brought her to such an illness that all the problems were due to nerves. And as mom was worried, but she did not pay attention to it. Maybe there was some truth in her words, but in any case, nothing can be returned.

My sister took her mother's words to heart, and directly, without any tricks, told Mitya. What broke something in her, as if thundered. I asked for forgiveness for every insulting word, for all my terrible deeds.

And this holy man forgave her. I can not say that I believed, but returned to the family and again made an offer. And the most happy in this situation were the children. This is someone who has bothered the parental quarrels the most. Now my Lyuska is waiting for the third child, she is doing well, and it seems to me that bitchiness is gone forever.

Why should something happen to reach some hearts? Why we do not know how to appreciate what fate gives us today? Maybe my story will help someone to look at themselves and avoid mistakes, because such as Mitya are rare, and it is almost impossible to glue a broken cup!