6 undeniable, but not romantic signs that he loves you

It is considered that the main signs of great and true love are flowers, gifts, champagne and a marriage proposal under a starry sky. What to say - romance and only. In fact, all this - a beautiful wrapper, tinsel, colorful confetti, which does not mean that you really love. Sometimes the best proof of love is real harsh male deeds.

He knows your weaknesses.

To show your weaknesses to another person is to become vulnerable and open to him. Some women prefer for a long time to be for their man an iron lady - strong, self-sufficient and arrogant. But there is another side to weaknesses, if your partner knows about them, but does not manipulate it for his own benefit and does not try to put pressure on you, then he really loves you.

He eagerly does routine work.

Cleaning, cooking, washing, shopping and solving pressing issues - a man does all this calmly, willingly and without shifting responsibility. If this is so, hold such an instance with your hands and feet, as it truly values ​​and appreciates you.

He did not see you at his best

There may be many options: in the morning after a stormy party, sick and lying in bed, squeezing acne in front of a mirror and after a failed haircut. And, nevertheless, he still claims that you are the sweetest, most beautiful and charming.

He explains the reason for his bad mood.

Very often, men in such cases prefer to simply keep silent, believing that the problem will resolve itself. This is simply a disclaimer of responsibility. The one who values ​​you will never “pause” quarrels and offenses, but will explain the reason for his discontent and discuss further scenarios.

He approves of your hobbies and friends.

A man who has real feelings for you will never be faced with a choice: he or your friends. The same applies to the hobby - he is well aware that everyone needs a personal space, and therefore will never force you to devote all your time to it.

He respects your relatives

He may not love them with all his heart, but he will definitely be respected, because they are people close to you, an important part of your life that you cannot throw away or forget.