Reset 10 years with jeans: how to wear them after 40

Jeans can look boring, and even add age to you, making your looks simple and uninteresting. Especially if you are over 40. But you can change this by using the right techniques.

Dress in jeans jacket

Relaxation in the trend, and we should take advantage of this. The fact is that the straightened blouse will look straightforward and boring, but wrapped up will make you a practically fashionable blogger.

In addition to sweaters, you can also wear a sweater in jeans - this idea is particularly relevant in connection with the winter season, and this outfit looks much more interesting.

Complete the belt

By themselves, jeans can look completely normal, but this will not happen if you add a stylish belt to them. This will immediately change your entire look, which will seem much more interesting and complete. And with the help of a belt it will be much easier for you to fill up a blouse or a sweater there, as in the first paragraph.

Tuck in

Some may think it is anti-style, but fashion bloggers are actively practicing it. Indeed, this solution looks much more interesting than long jeans, covering the heels. However, even if they are of normal length, you can make stylish cropped jeans that will also refresh your look and make you visually younger.

Wear with massive shoes.

Jeans are worn not only with sneakers and heels, but also coarse boots. Especially in winter. Such a style decision creates a rather interesting, contrasting image that will not allow others to suspect a dullly dressed woman in you without imagination. A very stylish solution will rejuvenate you for a few years.

Use accessories and extras.

If you are not afraid to experiment, then you can approach this case really interesting. For example, many fashion bloggers practice this way: on top of jeans, a denim shirt or jacket is tied to exactly the same shade as jeans. This option looks unusual and does not allow getting lost in the crowd.
@ venswifestyleBut if you do not want to bother about this topic, there is an easier way. Just put a belt bag on your jeans and the look will immediately become very stylish. This fashion trend is still very relevant and is not going to give up its positions.