5 winter accessories that eclipse the usual scarf

Hats, scarves and gloves may seem like a non-original purchase, but in fact, by collecting a winter look, you can be creative.

Despite the fact that winter accessories do not seem to change from year to year, we will help you find those that do not exactly seem boring. For example, Panama hats, which have become the main trend of the season or tights with an unusual pattern.

So, we have prepared for you some fashion tips for choosing winter accessories.

Scarf blanket

You’ll definitely fall in love with warm mohair maxi scarves with tassels like Mango and Loewe. And if you vote for elegance, you will like cashmere scarves on the neck.


Thought the gloves could not be expressive? Wrong! Burberry, for example, has a lovely wool pair of long gloves with leather inserts. Connoisseurs of classic and chic will not be able to pass by elegant leather gloves - a luxurious pair in brown color you will find in Gucci.

If you aren’t letting the phone out of your hands and you need your fingers open, take a look at the cashmere fingerless gloves.


This season, invest in trendy hats that will make even the most casual look special. The main trend of the season is winter hats. Choose those with a trendy print - in a cage, for example.

Also look at knitted beanie hats, like Calvin Klein has.


Leaving your ankles bare in winter is simply unforgivable. Therefore, in a pair with sneakers and do not forget to wear socks. You can choose fashionable socks with a print - let them look out from under the jeans.

If you do not have cozy cashmere socks yet, add them to your nearest shopping list. Even better, they will be made from recycled material - many brands do this as a sign of environmental protection.


Paired with a mini-dress, warm tights in winter look more than stylish. If you are ready for bold experiments, choose tights with an unusual print. For example, in large peas.

To dilute the dark shades of a winter outfit, choose, for example, orange tights. And if you are going to a party, then in a pair with a mini, wear black and gray shiny tights to shine and not freeze.