7 signs of male control over you that you mistaken for love

Male manipulators in relationships with women most often deftly disguise their true intentions as care and love. And their darlings, getting into emotional dependence, sometimes cannot distinguish rigid manipulation from sincere feelings.

Here are 7 toxic situations in relationships that women mistakenly think are cute:

1. It seems to you that it is so cute when he is jealous because of how much attention other men pay you

He will dictate with which men you are allowed to communicate, and with which - it is forbidden to meet in private. He will be angry if you have a shirt with too large cleavage and you go somewhere in it, because he believes that he is the only one who has the right to your body. He will behave as if you are his property, as if you belong only to him.

2. It seems to you that it is so cute when he talks about how unhappy he would have been without you.

That he would have no reason to live if you broke up, because only you will wake him in the morning. He threatens to hurt himself every time you quarrel to prevent you from leaving.

3. Do you think it's nice when he takes care of you too much

When he translates all conversations in the group, so you do not have to say a word. When he picks up the phone because he doesn’t want you to talk to anyone else. When he starts to fight men who look too hard at you. When he protects you from the outside world and does not allow you to lead a high life, because he does not want you to be in danger.

4. You think it's cute when he wants to be with you every second.

He is annoyed when you tell him that you plan to meet your friends because he wants to be the most important person in your life. If someone interferes with your relationship at a time when, in his opinion, you have to hold together, then he will speak very badly of them.

Or he will just make you stay at home. He will not want you to be with someone else, even if it is not a romantic relationship, such as, for example, with your best friend or grandparents.

5. Do you think it is normal when he insults other women by comparing each with you

Calling your friends fat and ugly. Claiming that his ex was a complete nonentity. Humiliating other girls in the hope of making you a compliment.

6. You think it's cute when he gets mad at you because it shows how much he cares about you.

You like that you can click on his "buttons". You like to know that if he ever loses you, he will be completely devastated. It makes you feel strong and desired.

7. You think it's cute when he says every two seconds that he misses you

When he throws all his plans with his friends to see you. When he begins to rotate all his life around you and stops doing his favorite things that he used to like.