5 Easy Ways to Get Luxury Eyebrows Without Salon Costs

Yes, thin eyebrows were once in vogue, but, to be honest, they never looked beautiful. We have thin eyebrows cause a sense of cheapness, the cause of which are the girls who, unfortunately, made this mistake.

Now thick and wide eyebrows are in fashion, and we will tell you about several ways how to grow these with the help of natural products and at home.


Massaging the eyebrows and skin around helps to improve blood circulation. Give the massage about 5 minutes a day, and use olive oil for it. You will soon notice that eyebrows grow faster.


Eat foods rich in vitamins A, C and E daily.

Foods with vitamin A: liver, red pepper, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, and melon;

Foods with vitamin C: pepper, parsley, broccoli, kiwi, papaya, oranges, lemons and strawberries;

Foods with vitamin E: almonds, pine nuts, peanuts, basil, dried apricots, spinach, pickled olives.

Sleep and stress

Lack of sleep and constant stress play a huge role in the growth of hair, including eyebrows. Always sleep 7–8 hours a day, play sports to relieve stress and do things that make you happy.

Aloe vera

Have you ever gone over the top, pulling out your eyebrows? This is one of the reasons why they are slowly growing. But there is a solution to this problem. Take a leaf of aloe vera, break it into a gelatinous juice and rub your eyebrows with massage movements.


Everyone knows that milk is very useful! But did you know that it helps your brows grow faster? Moisten a cotton pad with milk and wipe the eyebrows with it before going to bed. Milk will nourish your brows and they will thicken.