6 things without which a wardrobe 2019 cannot be stylish: budget ideas

The beginning of any season is always a holiday for fashionistas. After all, new trends, fresh color palette and endless ideas for experiments are entering the arena. Not to mention that each new season is another reason to buy a new pair of shoes.

Of course, all this is associated with spending, but updating a seasonal wardrobe does not necessarily cost you a fortune. If you should invest in basic, timeless things, trends are something you can save on.

Here are some of the main fashion trends of the autumn-winter season, which you can join without worrying about your wallet.

Animal print

From leopard to zebra and snake - this season animalic prints are at their peak of popularity. They will perfectly fit into your autumn-winter wardrobe and especially its shoe composes. After all, leopard print booties or snake-skinned shoes are the favorite accessory of all fashion bloggers. The good news is that the animalic print has been relevant for more than a month now, so you can definitely find fashionable items with a nice discount.
Zara bag;

All shades of brown

From shades of camel to rich chocolate - all things in shades of brown with a hint of the 70s are becoming a new classic. Look for sweaters, coats and accessories in shades of brown and combine them with each other for a fun monochrome look. Fortunately, finding things of brown shades is not difficult even in the discount section.
H & M Jumper,


Sweaters for night dresses and denim jackets for coats. Such multi-layering is now very useful, if you want to look fashionable and at the same time feel as comfortable as possible. You can find a lot of things - from cashmere sweaters to silk dresses - at affordable prices to create a trendy multi-layered image.
Zara dress;

Check print

Fashionable check print is not new to trends. This season, however, it is revealed in new bright colors - in the most direct sense. White and red check shirts, blouses and suits in green and blue. If you want to save money - invest in a few fashion accessories, and get some checkered items from past collections - they are still relevant.
Skirt H & M,

Western boots

Cowboy boots were a microtrend throughout the summer, and now they are a real macrotrend. Fortunately, designers have been targeting western style boots for several seasons, so you can easily find a pair at an affordable price.
Boots Zara,.;

Powder blue

Things in a pastel blue shade promise to appear this season more and more often, moreover, on the main autumn components of the wardrobe, including coats and sweaters. If you want to save money, then look at things from the spring season, which can easily migrate to the autumn and even winter. Such as shirts, jackets and pants.
Blouse H & M,