6 tricks in the kitchen that will save you in the New Year holidays

New Year's Eve and so is full of all sorts of troubles, and besides, you still have to spend a lot of time planning a festive dinner and cooking. To save your time (and your psyche) on this magical evening, we have gathered some of the best tips for the kitchen, which might make you say: “Why didn’t I think of it myself?”.

We assume that these tricks - our humble gift on the eve of the main event of the year!

To rub cold oil

This trick is simply brilliant! In order for it to work, your piece of butter must be close to frozen, and you must work quickly to prevent it from melting. Grated butter is ideal for adding to flour before baking cookies, buns, muffins, etc. By the way, if your butter is too cold, so that it can be spread on bread, you can also resort to our new method and rub him. This year, caviar sandwiches will be ready much faster!
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Dental floss

Whether you want perfectly even layers of cake or easily cut into delicate cheese, an odorless dental floss will help you to cope with it! Do you know that there is such a thing as cheese wire? In general, this is a knife made for soft cheese, but the thread will ultimately give you the same results. Good trick and perfectly smooth cutting on the table!
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Easy way to grind chicken

If you have a mixer - you are lucky! After all, it is much easier to grind boiled chicken fillet in it (for example, for a capital salad) than with a knife. The process will not take you any extra effort, just put the chicken breasts in your table processor, while they are still hot, and it will cope with them in less than a minute. Good to know!
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Trick with a wooden spoon

Put a wooden spoon on boiling water so that no water or any other liquid on the stove boils away. There is a lot of scientific evidence behind it, but the easiest way to explain why it works is that the spoon pushes out the bubbles when they come into contact with it, and it also absorbs some of the moisture. Just remember, metal spoons work worse in this area because they heat up too quickly. Worth trying!
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Open cans with ease!

There is always one bank that annoys you, and in the process of preparing a winter dinner, there may be more. Usually, women assign this task to men, but alas, they may not always be there. In such cases, your help will be ordinary rubber gloves, such as those in which you wash the dishes. Wearing it you can open even the most clogged cover!
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Life hacking for cherry tomato

Usually, cherry tomatoes are laid out and eaten whole, but if you use them for a salad or any other dish that includes small vegetables, here’s a trick using 2 durable plastic lids to quickly cut the tomatoes in half! Just make sure you use a large, sharp knife.
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