Why a relationship without commitment is bad: 4 arguments against

Although today many people choose a non-binding relationship, this is not always a good option. Whatever modern views you have, the official marriage still wins.

Relationship without commitment: what does it mean

First you need to figure out what it is all about. Relationship without commitment is a novel that does not imply further development. If in classic relationships partners can eventually become a family, live together and have children, then this is not the case. The main purpose of such a relationship is sex, as well as a pleasant pastime.

Relationship without commitment: the pros and cons

What is wrong with such a relationship, if both partners are quite happy with this state of affairs? Like any concept, it has its pros and cons.


  • You are not obliged to each other, and you can safely build your life around your career and other priorities.
  • You can look for the man of your dreams, without denying yourself sex and other pleasures.
  • This is a great option for those who value their freedom the most.


  • You risk becoming attached to your partner much more than you need.
  • You spend your time on a person who does not become your husband, and you can miss a really worthwhile person.
  • You may feel depressed without getting all that you really need.

What is good official marriage

And what is a good official marriage?

  • When you are legally married, you feel safe and secure.
  • If you accidentally get pregnant, your child will have a father.
  • Your husband will definitely not leave you in a difficult situation.

How to translate a novel without commitment into a serious relationship

If a man offers you a relationship without obligations, but he is really dear to you, or if you started a relationship without obligations, but after that it has ceased to suit you. How to make a relationship serious?

  • Be unobtrusive: should you talk about marriage and children, as he is likely to run away from you.
  • Let the man know that he will be fine with you: if he realizes that he cannot do without you, he will take the initiative.
  • Be the best: Prove to your beloved that it is you who are the brightest, the most refined, the beautiful, the tender and the caring. Constantly improve, work on yourself, and he definitely will not want anyone but you.