7 fears of almost all beautiful women

It is believed that women have much more fear than men. Even at that moment, when a woman is attractive, has a prosperous family and healthy children, she experiences many different phobias. The reason for this is the increased emotionality of the woman.

The main fears of seductive women:

1. Fear of loneliness

All women like to be independent, in some ways inaccessible. However, they are all afraid of being alone. The point is not that a woman can not do without a man at any particular period in her life. She panics when she imagines that she will remain alone until the end of her life.

Every woman wants to be with a man, like a stone wall, so that he solves all her problems. She wants to feel like a little girl in his arms. Naturally, girls at 18 are not inherent in this fear. However, they will already begin to experience loneliness when all the girlfriends start getting married.

Sometimes a woman cannot get away from an unworthy man. She also feels lonely and afraid to be alone.

2. Fear of being imperfect, getting fat, getting older

All women want to be perfect. If any item does not coincide with their preferences, it becomes scary. They are really just fixated on their appearance. Some sit on hard diets, and some harass themselves in the gym so that the sense of perfection does not disappear.

With age, every woman has a restructuring of the body and a deteriorating metabolism. Excess weight can sneak up on unnoticed, but every woman is afraid of getting fat.

A woman can leave a sense of ideality, if she feels that she loses her attractiveness and grows old. With age, mimic wrinkles appear and the skin becomes not so elastic. No woman wants to admit that age takes its toll. Some even spend huge amounts of money to preserve or restore beauty and youth.

3. Fear of public criticism

All women are in the community. Each person may have a feeling of envy or simply criticize another person by expressing his negative opinion. When a woman has a fear of criticism, she tries by all means to please everyone around her. She is afraid to make the wrong decision, so that in the end she will not remain guilty and criticized.

4. Fear of male betrayal

All girls dream of an ideal family and a decent husband. All men can not match their fantasies. If a woman has crept into the idea that a man can change her, she is possessed by a tremendous fear of betrayal. She is very afraid that a man will exchange her for another woman.

5. Fear - worse than others.

Ever since school years, every girl wants to be the best in the class. Over time, she wants to be the best in life. If a woman understands that her friends, colleagues or friends are better than hers, she feels envy. The fear creeps up to her that she is worse than the others. She tries to climb out of her skin to be better. It is difficult to get rid of this fear, as it can pursue a woman all her life, if you do not fight him.

6. Fear of poverty

The more confident a woman is on her feet, the more she earns, the stronger she fears in panic one day to remain impoverished. As a rule, successful women prefer a high standard of living, they are spoiled by surrounding attention. Comfort and luxury are very important to them. Therefore, they are very afraid of this fear.

7. Fear of deadly disease

Attractive women are very afraid of getting a serious illness. Just the thought that the disease will become incurable causes their nervous tic. They panic at the slightest deviation of health and malaise of the body.