How each zodiac sign behaves when it is overwhelmed with the desire to meet you


They will always choose a place near you. Each time, Aries will accidentally touch you with their hand or foot. If you're hugging them, it's always a little longer than the others. Even being at the other end of the room, they will still only look at you.


They will attract your attention in every way. They will blush, stammer, be nervous. In your presence, Taurus will most often be speechless.


They will subscribe to you on all social networks and will like each of your posts and photos. Gemini will flirt with you exclusively on the Internet.


They will give you unusual compliments, paying attention to those of your qualities that usually no one notices. Cancers will find in you a reliable interlocutor, with whom you can talk for hours about a variety of things.

a lion

Lions will ask you a lot of questions and often ask for help. They will always be in the same places as you. The lions will constantly claim that you have too much in common.


They will tease you because of the hairstyle or musical preferences. Virgos will picture their eyes every time you say something good about them. With you, they will sarcastically joke much more often than usual.


Scales will begin each conversation. They will constantly correspond with you, making an appointment every now and then. No matter how you confront them, they will do everything to include you into their world.


Scorpios will hold you by the hand, tickle and remove behind your ear a strand of hair that has accidentally dropped out of your hairstyle. At any convenient opportunity, they will strive to touch you.


Archers will constantly look at your lips while touching their own lips. They will do everything to be alone with you.


They will behave at ease, pretending to write messages to you just to say hello. Capricorn will give you compliments and try their best to do something nice for you.


They will write you love notes and send songs that they associate with you. Aquarius will quote you works that now and then remind of you.


Fish will cook for you. They will remember how you like coffee. The fish will notice and memorize even the smallest details of your character that others do not even pay attention to.