Married man: 5 signs that nothing will come of it

It is hardly possible to meet a girl who deliberately seeks for herself a betrothed man. But many enter into relationships with married women. Such incidents occur because of the elementary ignorance of the marital status of the beloved. Therefore, before entering into a serious relationship with a young man, you need to make sure that the signs of a married man are not typical for him.

Married or not: how to understand

The ring has long ceased to be the main indicator of marital relations. If it is absent on the finger - you should not immediately exhale, thinking that the misfortune of the "little women" passed you by.

Attention should be paid to indirect signs that are indicative of the presence of a wife. By the 5 most reliable signs include:


On dates, he always obediently silent, without disturbing his owner? Quite often, this phenomenon occurs due to the elementary "Avi-regime". Including him, married men completely eliminate the danger of an unexpected call or SMS from a spouse.

Lack of candy bouquet period

The fact is that a person who has already passed such a step with his wife is unlikely to repeat it in new (most often fleeting) relationships. Therefore, he will act quickly, hurrying his new darling.

Lack of joint photos

If a young man refuses to make joint photos, videos, does not provide his social pages, then perhaps he is afraid to “open up”. All this is an elementary conspiracy. It also includes meetings in rented apartments / hotels.

Sudden holiday trips

Married men try to spend time with their mistresses on weekdays after work. Speeches about meetings on weekends or even more holidays can not go!
Hiding the past. Men rarely chat without stopping. But if a young man jokes about every question related to the past, it is worth considering ...

A married man fell in love with you: signs

Young people express their feelings in different ways. Used in this mimicry, gestures, phrases, actions. The main signs that a married man fell in love with you include:

  • Special treatment - the diminutive pet form of the name is most often used (despite the fact that earlier this was not observed, or no one just calls you so in society);
  • Shows care in everything - this is especially true of care in the little things: helped to book plane tickets, offered a lift, offered me coffee.
  • He lies to his wife - he tells you to his spouse when you are late at work, and in fact, he just spends time with you (watching movies, taking a walk or shopping).
  • Touches - men by nature want to touch the girl they like;
  • Experiencing - the situation of the "triangle" scares him, he rushes about, not knowing what to do. Inmates will not be nervous about everyday situations for them.

What to do if a beloved man is married

First of all, you need to ask yourself, do you need such a relationship? Do you need a man who betrayed his woman to whom he swore an oath of love and loyalty? Are you sure that someday they will not do the same with you?

In such a relationship, the main thing is to reason rationally. You should not hope that the man will leave his family and marry you. According to statistics, only 11% make such a move. Usually, married women leave their mistresses as soon as they get bored or start playing the role of their second wife (scandals, sawing with or without).

But if you nevertheless decided to achieve your goal and become the legitimate wife of an already engaged man, you must behave correctly. You shouldn't make him scandals, be jealous of him, annoy him. Simply put - you can not turn into a wife. After all, it was such a woman that he began to change with you!

Mistress of a married man: do you need it

To be a lover or not is a personal matter. But only to make a decision in such a choice is difficult enough. In this relationship, there are two solutions.

If you are satisfied with the role of a girl, to whom a man comes only as far as possible and according to “how his wife will let go,” if you don’t strive to build a serious relationship with this man and just enjoy your time with him, continue. But remember that you can become attached to him, truly love and be abandoned. Do not forget also about the official wife. Think of her pain.

If you already love and want a wedding with a married man, and he every time postpones a conversation with his wife, feeding you "breakfasts" - it is better to break with this relationship. This triangle may never end, and if it does happen, it is most likely not in your favor. Moreover, the years spent with him cannot be returned. He will play enough, will return to a quiet family haven, and you will be alone - without a child and a husband. And if he still marries you (you are lucky and you enter those same 11%), then where is the chance that he will not find the passion younger?

The main thing - do not reason emotionally, but reasonably! And never forget that even from the most difficult situation you can always find a way out.