Male psychology: 5 main types of men in relationships with women

A man should be chosen according to his own temperament and his goals. If you are a bright and resolute lady, then a man who is trying to suppress his partner will hardly make you happy. What are the types of men in a relationship?

Psycho types of men in relationships

Psycho male father

This is the man most women want to see as a spouse. He occupies the leading role in the pair, manages his partner, assumes all the tasks of ensuring and protecting his family. To many women, he seems too powerful; however, if a woman wants to find a reliable support, a strong male shoulder, this is the best for her.

Psycho man son

This type is chosen by women who want to lead. They do not want to obey a man, and unwittingly attract men who want to obey themselves.
Finding such a man is very simple: on the first date he will not take you to a restaurant (maximum, at McDonalds), because he has no money. You just walk from the subway to the nearest park. If such a man is successful, it means that next to him there is already a woman who controls him. Most likely, the mother, who will compete with you, if you decide to claim her child.

Psycho type male gigolo

He is not at all as weak and indecisive as a man-son. He is simply selfish and lazy, to a greater or lesser extent, and prefers to live at the expense of a woman. This man is chosen by women who have already achieved a certain success in a particular area. They do not need from the man neither patronage, nor protection, nor money - they have already achieved all this themselves. All that they need is only pleasant company, and these men may well give it.

Psycho male pikaper

This man has a serious inferiority complex, and he intends to solve it at your expense. More precisely, not only for yours - many more women will get to the list of his victories. He doesn’t need anything from them except self-affirmation. He makes victory after victory, giving women nothing but disappointment. Therefore, if you are tuned to a serbezny novel and at the same time are not prone to sadomasochism - this option is not for you.

Psycho male partner

This is a man, aimed at a fruitful relationship with a woman. He does not intend to suppress it, nor to adapt. In a woman, he sees a faithful companion, a reliable partner, who will always support him in any situation, and which, in turn, will be supported by himself. The ideal man for a woman who wants to find a decent man, and, unfortunately, is least likely to occur.