A life

Give birth at 48, or a woman who is not afraid to go against all

My mother has a friend Aunt Olya. I know her practically from my childhood and, by the way, I love almost as a second parent. Kind, cheerful, responsive - Aunt Olga always seemed to me a woman of no age, at one time, I didn’t even know how old she was.

Recently, my mother presented me a truly stunning news - Aunt Olya is pregnant. I choked on a piece of scrambled eggs, which I ate at that moment, and vaguely bleated: “How? From whom? How old is she?". Mom reported that Aunt Ole 48, and she was going to give birth “for herself”, because if at this age a woman did not get a family and children, then she has a wonderful chance to do it. So now my mother and I became the main witnesses and listeners of Aunt Olina’s life and the ongoing pregnancy, because it was she who poured out her soul and complained about the cruelty of this world. And cruelty was really a lot.

It all started with registration in the antenatal clinic. Only when she heard about the patient's age, the nurse immediately looked up and said: “We are not doing abortions this week, only with the next one. Everything is busy. ” Aunt Olya was confused and babbled: “Why an abortion? I just see a doctor for a consultation. ” “Well, you didn’t give birth in the pre-retirement age,” the registrar issued, but she still held out the ticket.

After this, a string of Aunt Olin's torment began. Absolutely every doctor in the antenatal clinic was determined that she came exclusively to an abortion. She was offered scraping, vacuum and pills, scared of genetic diseases and congenital deformities of the fetus, complained about the worn-out resources of the Olean organism and drove from one specialist to another, where everyone barely heard about her age, immediately made round eyes and said: “Honey, you Are you crazy? Where do you have to give birth? Have pity on yourself and the child, have an abortion. ” Aunt Olya bit her lips, cried, but did not agree. She firmly decided to go to the end.

By the way, pregnancy proceeded just fine. Aunt Olga felt fine, did not know toxemia, worked and even looked younger by 5. The doctors moved to a new stage of intimidation closer to childbirth - giving birth only to cesarean, remaining 2 months before the expected date of birth, complete rest, no worries and constant supervision by specialists . Predicted extremely difficult childbirth, a weak child and many congenital defects.

Day X came as suddenly as spring comes. How worried I and mom are - to say nothing. We walked under the doors of the birth room and asked all the saints and guardian angels to help Aunt Ole and her baby. We were immediately told to tune in for long delivery and by no means a positive outcome.

But, literally half an hour from the door gave birth, we heard a desperate baby crying. My mother and I froze and looked at each other. A young nurse ran out to us, with a medical cap knocked to the side and, smiling, said: “Bore a boy! 3500, 48 cm! 9 out of 10 points! She gave birth, but so quickly and easily! Umnichka! My mother and I looked at the nurse in a stupor, and then began to hug, cry and laugh.

Now Aunt Olin Dima is already 8 years old. He studies in grade 2, is engaged in swimming, an excellent student, a successful athlete, takes first place in the competition. Aunt Olya got married 4 years ago and now brings up and raises her son not only for herself and for herself, but together with her spouse, who became their support and hope with Dimka.

And I still think that this story is a terrific stimulus for those who are afraid that it will be too late to have children. Believe me, it’s never too late to let happiness into your life, it’s proven and tested!