4 rules on how a woman over 50 should look after her hair

If you decide to stop dyeing your hair and take your gray hair, you may encounter some hair care problems you have never had before. You will most likely have to change your hair care routine with a few new techniques to make your gray hair look shiny and well-groomed.

Here is a quick guide to help you find the right path.

Try not to wash your hair with shampoo

Gray hair tends to be drier and therefore frizzy. The best way to deal with dull dry and curly hair is to wash them properly. First of all, stop shampooing your hair every day. The fact is that shampoo removes moisture from the hair, so if your hair is already prone to dryness, it will only aggravate the situation. You can use shampoo, but only rarely - definitely not every day.
Shampoo Selective Professional, In general, if you can, wash your hair as little as possible so that they do not overdry. Many women wash their hair only once a week - and their curls look great. If you can not do without shampoo, give preference to one that is designed specifically for gray hair. And if the problem is only in fatty roots - you can get rid of them with the help of a dry shampoo.

Make a new haircut

Maybe it's time to give up haircuts that you have had for a while and try something new. In order for gray hair not to age you, but on the contrary, look elegant, it is important to choose a suitable fashionable haircut. So do not take the time and money to find a professional stylist who will select the perfect image for you.

Use the correct conditioner

Use quality air conditioning regularly. Choose those that do not contain silicone and parabens and are made from natural oils and extracts. Strive to do deep conditioning, leaving the product on your hair for 20-30 minutes, at least once a week. Conditioning can make a big difference to the health of your strands.
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Protect your hair from the environment

Direct sunlight and wind can make your hair dull and dry, so if you are going to be in a very sunny or windy climate for a long period, you should take care of the safety of your hair. And it's not just about applying various protective sprays to your hair. It is enough just to wear a hat, a scarf or a beautiful scarf - there are plenty of fashionable options.