8 things that women do in private with themselves and are very afraid that someone will know about it

There are things that a woman can do only when one hundred percent sure that no one will know about it. In moments of solitude, we drop the mask, relax and become ourselves. Let's open the veil in the private life of women and find out what they are doing, hiding from prying eyes.

1. Walk around the apartment naked

Of course, this can be done with a partner, but when you walk around naked around the house, knowing that no one is around, it feels quite differently. Any constraint disappears and only one natural naturalness remains.

2. Sing and dance in front of the mirror

You can also take a bottle of hairspray instead of a microphone and spin in front of the mirror in every possible way, looking for the most seductive and sexy pose.

3. Cry under lyric songs

Women can do this even not because they are sad, but because they just want to ponastalgirovat, to surrender memories and allow themselves to give slack. It is noticed that after such a session of tears, the mood improves dramatically and the level of positive increases.

4. Watching stupid programs on TV

In no case do they admit to anyone, because in public these shows are forbidden for them and in the lowest rating. In the meantime, no one sees, you can and look with one eye fool comedy or series with jokes below the plinth.

5. Monitor the social networks of the page of his former and his current passion

This is done with one sole purpose - to make sure that everything is bad for him, without their charms and support, he is completely gone, and his new girlfriend is scary, neglected and looks like a crocodile. They made sure everything was closed and felt like a goddess.

6. Try on things that lie in the closet "for better times"

These are clothes from the series “I will wear them when I lose weight / get better / prettier / suddenly grow taller / start going to the gym”. Typically, such fittings end up with frustration and disappointment, and clothes are removed at the same bins of the closet, waiting for their next hour.

7. Experimenting with images

And what will happen if I put my hair in this way and do makeup in vamp style? While you are alone at home - this is the best time to try on something new, than women successfully use.

8. Get bliss from silence, cleanliness and lack of cooking

The house shines with cleanliness, everything is quiet and calm, no one throws out clothes and does not litter, does not require borscht and clean shirts and does not itch over his ear that it’s time to sleep. Is this not happiness? Especially if there is still time for a cup of fragrant tea with your favorite book. And any woman will definitely be in the seventh heaven.