The color of 2019, which will lift you and your wardrobe to a higher level

Each year, the Pantone Research Center calls the "color of the year." This year they became coral. Or rather "live coral". It is described as a life-affirming and truly bright shade that energizes.

According to researchers from Pantone, they chose this particular color because it “envelops with heat and energizes in a constantly changing world.” The color, they said, is also intended to remind us of the state of the environment, in particular climate change, which may affect coral reefs.

This color, meanwhile, is not only present in nature - it is extremely relevant in social networks. There are many photos of the interior, makeup and fashionable images, for example, made in the coral scale. Thus, as Pantone argues, "living coral" "represents a fusion of modern life."

Anyway, in the coming year, the coral color will definitely rule the ball. Want to get ahead of everyone? We tell how you can include this bright shade in your wardrobe.

During New Year's parties

If this year you want to put aside the traditional red and green and go to the corporate party and parties with family and friends in something new - in a coral shade. It will definitely make your outfit bright and festive.
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On the face (or nails)

Coral lips have long been popular in the beauty world, so there are already tons of this shade on the market. Coral-colored cosmetics are an excellent choice if you want bright solutions and you are bored with classic scarlet or plum.

It is also an excellent shade for eye makeup, face and nails - choose coral shadows, blush and nail polish and make yourself a shining makeup with an attractive blush and a festive manicure.
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During vacation

On holiday weekends, are you going to go snowboarding on a snowboard or go sunbathing on the beach in warm places? Be that as it may, bring your coral-colored thing with you. In the first case, for example, a fashionable knitted sweater, which will warm you with warmth, and in the second case, an attractive bikini in a coral shade, it will perfectly complement the summer atmosphere.
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In gym

If you are planning to fulfill your promise to go to the gym more often in the coming year, then enlist the support of a coral shade - perhaps it will give you additional energy and inspiration during your workouts. It is enough to wear a sports bra with a coral shade, for example.
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On the weekend

If the coral does not fit into your office dress code - boldly walk it during the weekend. Our favorites are comfortable and at the same time stylish coral-colored things, such as shorts and free-cut tops, for example.
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