18 awkward things that women enchant men more


We all like articles like “What would I change in you,” don't we? But what if we stop and think about the impact of these changes on our relationship. What is it like when someone wants to change you? How do you feel when you want to change something in your partner?

Are you familiar with the situation when a man expresses his wishes on what exactly he would like to change in you? But the truth is that all of us, women and men, are able to love each other unconditionally, regardless of who we are in a relationship with.

Here are 18 things that women do and which in the eyes of men sometimes look naive, awkward, but at the same time damnably attractive and cute. Warning: male light sarcasm is inevitable.

1. Take dreams literally

Men love that women can fully immerse themselves in their dreams. Men are often too logical, so they do not interfere with a little dream.

2. Discuss problems

Men really appreciate how much women are committed to enduring resentment, and they don’t go away until the problem is resolved.

3. Men are considered not picky when it comes to intimacy.

If men were so cute, they would think so too.

4. They treat sometimes men as children

Sometimes when they become emotional, they find it difficult to feel safe. Thank you for playing the role of the mother when they need it.

5. Put men in desperate situations.

When you ask questions like “Am I fat?”, Men understand that you just want them to hug you. How nice when you ask for it.

6. Think they are queens

You are the queen. A friendly, generous, kind, loving queen, and the man likes that he can share this kingdom with you.

7. Show passive aggression

When you become irritated and offended, men regard this as an invitation to take your clothes off.

8. Expect men to understand subtle hints.

The more men tune into the subtleties, the better this skill will serve them in life. Thanks for the free training.

9. Talk during the movie

This is a purely feminine way of saying that they love their men.

10. Color eyebrows

A man appreciates how well you want to look with him. Many men believe that women are sexy, even without makeup.

11. Angry that men can't read between the lines.

When you are angry, a man can only hear what you want intimacy.

12. Cannot accept compliments

Men like how women sometimes get confused by compliments.

13. Strange pouting

They are so cute, so cute!

14. Not able to complete the thought

Because you really want them to end up with a kiss.

15. It is believed that during menstruation you can behave like a hysteric.

Do not restrain yourself. Men appreciate when you can express your feelings.

16. Believe that men can not be hurt

Men are really stronger sex, thanks for seeing them as they are.

17. Do not know what to ask for.

God, it's so cute! Men like it when girls are confused and they have to be prompted.

18. Do not believe in yourself

Men believe in you. They understand that there is a lot of negativity, and some moments come from the men themselves. They understand that women have uncertainty as well as men. The most beautiful moment for them is when you do not notice how incredible, sweet, warm, strong woman you are, and they can show you what you really are.