3 tips from women who never have a mess in the house

Do you know this type of people? It doesn’t matter whether you’re at an event in their house or if you simply drop in on them without an invitation — their houses are always immaculately clean (and, apparently, effortless). What do they know about what you do not know? We offer you the 3 secrets of impeccable purity.

1. It’s easier to keep the house clean all the time than to try to remove something that went wrong

What sounds more stunning: quickly wipe the countertop after cooking or wash the kitchen, which was not cleaned a week after the prepared dishes? Although it may seem that there is nothing terrible about leaving dirty dishes for tomorrow, but sooner or later you will expect serious cleaning, which will require a lot of strength and patience. While doing minor tasks during the day and week, it will take less time overall and you will feel that all things in the house are doable. As a result of this, as well as in accordance with the regular cleaning schedule, you will have a clean, comfortable home that you can enjoy more often.

2. A lot of things mean a lot of cleaning.

In a literal sense, a lot of things in your house means a lot of reasons for cleaning. The more things your kitchen countertops clutter up, the more dust and dirt in the kitchen. The more knick-knacks on your countertops, the more things you have to move to just wipe the dust. The more furniture you have, the more you will push and move to do a thorough cleaning. You do not need to live in an empty house to keep it clean, but if you have problems keeping it clean in a particular room or place, you can check what you can live without, what you can throw away. make cleaning on a regular basis easier.

3. Be able to create visibility

Even the best of the hostesses have weeks (sometimes months) when it is difficult to carry out general cleaning. But people whose homes always seem to be clean sometimes just give the impression of purity, knowing exactly what to send their limited time and energy to make the house sparkle. Look around, there are surely places or objects in your home that most clearly give off pollution, for example, a living room with dark wood furniture, on which dust is visible to the naked eye, or a hallway constantly heaped up with shoes and bags. Try to keep these places under the most careful control, and the rest to clean as free time.