9 things that distinguish happy people from unhappy

“Happiness is a butterfly that is elusive when you chase it; but if you sit down quietly, she will fly into your hands. ” - Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Martin Seligman, the founder of “positive psychology”, found out that 60% of human happiness is determined by genetic factors (which we inherited from our family, and our unique temperament, with which we live in this world). The rest is in our hands. Although the search for satisfaction can be considered a life goal, but more importantly - to strive for a full, meaningful, meaningful life.

There are many things you can practice to increase your chances of becoming happy and experiencing this feeling more often; or at least learn to look at the bright side of life.

Here are 9 traits that distinguish happy people from accidents:

Happy people like themselves

They accept and value themselves as individuals. There is always room to grow and develop, but they always know who they are. They are confident, optimistic, cheerful and adaptable. They can see humor even in those things that do not seem ridiculous on the surface.

They are independent

They analyze situations and find answers and solutions on their own. They do not see themselves as a victim. In other words, happy people realized that it was important for them that they were true, and what things were not negotiable, not allowing others to dictate the rules and impose their beliefs.

Their second half does not complement them, making a full-fledged person

They themselves are full-fledged personalities. They see relationships as development, not as the basis of human experience.

Happy people live moment

However, they accept change and believe that everything happens for some reason.

They practice gratitude (even for all sorts of little things)

They appreciate simple pleasures. They appreciate everything that happens to them. This is all experience, adventure, opportunity.

They try to be happy

In other words - they make efforts for this. They communicate with positive people. They. Trying to look good in everything. They are trying to find solutions and answers that would be as close to satisfactory as possible, even if this is not the final desired solution.

They take care of themselves

They learn to cope with stress, anxiety and depression. They are able to disconnect, distancing themselves from life stress. Some people practice spiritual activities such as nature walks and meditation.

Interpersonal communication is vital

They listen to others and are really interested in what other people think, feel and do; and they involve people in what is important to them. They do not compare themselves with others and never hold a grudge. They are kind with everyone and always try to help others as much as possible.

Happy people control their own life and destiny

They are driven by enthusiasm. They do not allow bad situations to crush them. When faced with a difficult situation, they look at it as a challenge and try harder. They do not worry about the little things. They accept everything that happens in life, especially that which they cannot change - and simply move on.

Happiness is not a permanent state of satisfaction, which is ultimately achieved, but a way of being that needs to be practiced and maintained.