11 things that make the happiest single women


Many single women sometimes feel that everyone around us is getting married, or already in a relationship, while you are still doing nothing, trying to figure out how to make you like a guy so that you can finally find a guy how to stop meeting without feelings, fall in love and find happiness for yourself.

And, ultimately, it can leave you alone. You may even feel that you are the only woman who feels so terrible.

But you are definitely not alone.

According to the Pugh Research Center, almost half of the population in the United States is currently single, which means that many strong, amazing single women like you are also looking for love.

As in the company of influential women in the TV series "Sex and the City", each woman has her own way to cope with loneliness. And what's more, like Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, they can all be happy being alone.

All these four women went through a period of loneliness, and in the end, none of them was alone. I'm not saying that you should stop wanting to find a partner or fall in love, but you can (and should!) Find happiness while you are alone at this time.

Instead of focusing so hard on how to make a guy love you, focus on finding what happiness means to you.

Use this time to study what you like and what not.

How do you feel about yourself? What kind of things do you say to yourself?

Unfortunately, many single women have a hard time. They say things like “All good men have already been snapped up” or that something is wrong with them if they are still single.

This negative conversation with yourself negatively affects how you treat yourself, and if it lasts too long, it can lead to anxiety and depression, as well as distrust of yourself and your ability to make the right decisions.

That is why it is important to put your own happiness in the first place ... and at the same time you can just learn to understand which guy you would like to love.

Here are 11 things that the happiest single women do (and this also attracts the truly best men!):

1. Happy single women do not criticize themselves.

Criticizing yourself is one of the easiest things. When you are alone, it may seem that everyone is happy and in love, but in fact it is not. You start to compare yourself with others, which never ends well.

Stop criticizing yourself today, and instead start saying compliments to yourself. Write three good qualities about yourself right now. This will create confidence, and many men are attracted to self-confident women.

2. Happy single women value their personal freedom.

Enjoy your life. Being alone does not mean that you are imperfect. There are many instances in life that you probably would not have experienced if you were already married.

Do not get me wrong, marriage is a wonderful thing with the right person, but do not sit idle, feeling unhappy.

If there is a vacation that you want to continue, then proceed. Plan a party and invite all your lonely friends. Who knows? Maybe you will meet someone special along the way.

3. Happy single women allow themselves to make mistakes

When you meet, you want everything to go perfectly. But in reality, there is no perfect dating scenario. You are going on a date, an unexpected incident occurred due to the accident. Your best friend constantly writes to you while you are on a date, etc.

This means accepting the dating process, which will include errors. When you acknowledge or talk about your mistakes, you make your partner feel more comfortable with you so that he does not feel embarrassed.

4. Happy single women are always positive

No one likes Negative Nellie, so don't be her. While you are moving in the right direction, you will definitely meet this special person.

Negative people attract negative people. You want to involve people who are happy in your life, then start with yourself. Firstly,

you should be happy. In the process, your happiness will attract a man who wants to be part of your bright and positive life.

5. Happy single women doing things alone

This may seem obvious. But many lonely people are afraid to do something alone, even just going to the grocery store, because they are concerned about what others think.

In most cases, people do not even notice that you are alone. Make it an adventure. Where would you like to go? Go there alone. Chat with strangers and enjoy the day.

6. Happy loners avoid unhealthy relationships.

Bad relationships are worse than none at all. However, unfortunately, many couples ruin their lives while remaining in unhealthy relationships. Maybe they got married young or got married before they were ready to make commitments.

Now the relationship is unpleasant for them, and they feel stuck, which is very sad. So if you are looking for a relationship, because you feel lonely, it will not save you.

7. Happy single women have other relationships.

Romantic relationships can come and go, it is important to develop relationships with family and friends.

So invite them to dinner or ask if they want to get tickets for the concert. No matter how you spend quality time with them, give them your close attention. And who knows, maybe they know someone who is perfect for you!

8. Happy single women can feel

It’s easy to keep your feelings in yourself, but if you do, a wall of resentment will grow over time. When you do not talk about your feelings, you tend to remain constrained, which makes it impossible for you to find a true connection with the new men you meet.

If you are sad, angry or frustrated, then let go. Just do not hurt anyone else in the process.

And be sure to express your feelings of happiness. When you radiate bright and positive energy, you attract more people into your life.

9. Happy single women let go of the past

You will never enjoy the present unless you let go of the past. Yes, you made mistakes, but you, too, are the rightful. It's time to start looking for new experiences and adventures.

When you let go of the past, you free yourself from baggage, which can keep you from new relationships.

10. Happy single women spend time recognizing themselves.

Be self-sufficient and take the time to understand what you want.

What are you dreaming about? What caused the failure in your life? What are you worried about? Do you always plan your affairs? Does this help you to control the situation?

If so, think about why you are. Have you studied it?

Whatever the reasons, try to find out why you are doing what you are doing and how you can change it to become better.

11. Happy single women live in balance

It is true that when you take better care of yourself, it is easier to set boundaries with others. Perhaps the mistake you made in past relationships was to say yes, when you meant no. It is much less likely when you feel the balance in your life. It also means that you will feel more confident, which will help you meet new people.

But loneliness does not mean that you need to rush to find a new man.

Take your time when it comes to meeting your next partner, and spend the energy of getting to know each other before

make any important decisions, such as living together or getting married.

As soon as you realize that you are happy being alone, you will be ready for a new relationship that I hope will be forever.