5 ways to turn a budget skirt into a heavy suite: a selection of ideas

A large variety of women's things allows you to create unique and unique images. And for this it is not necessary to spend huge sums on luxury models. Sometimes budget skirts are in no way inferior to their brand and expensive counterparts in quality, and design is a new thing.

How to make a regular luxury skirt?

And so, you want to create a unique luxury look, but in the closet there are only regular skirts from a mass market? Dont be upset. There are many ways to make inexpensive and inconspicuous, at first glance, things unique and worthwhile element of the wardrobe.

  1. Additional elements

Most likely you noticed for yourself that the additional elements on the skirts of the mass market look cheap. In this case, snakes lose their coverage after a few washes, and buttons can completely disappear when worn. And if you want to make your clothes unique, these elements must be replaced or - added as an additional decor.

For example, a denim skirt can be supplemented with small aluminum buttons. And for models of lightweight materials, a band sewn to the hem will be an excellent option. These methods are suitable for classic pencil skirts. When decorating things, remember that you should not overload the model. It is better to add one, but really stylish element.

  1. We emphasize a waist a thong

The usual belts can transform a skirt on the raised waistline! The main thing that the accessory was in tone or had an approximate shade. Thus, a set of skirt + belt will look like a solid thing, with a unique intricate design and a cost higher than the original. Moreover, if there is no suitable belt or strap - do not worry, it can easily be replaced by a stylish scarf with a monochromatic print.

  1. We tear and cut

If you decide on the complete transformation of your clothes, go for it! A small cut will not only embellish the skirt, but also make it much more comfortable. In this case, the main thing - carefully handle the seams. We advise you to give your budget skirt an asymmetrical cut - it is now at the peak of its popularity and can turn any thing into something expensive and luxurious. Thanks to this processing, you can not only create your own original design, but also spend time in a creative setting.

  1. Stripes and applications

Even if you adhere to the classical style - this method will not leave you indifferent. Thanks to the stylish stripes, in just a few minutes you can make an original thing from an ordinary skirt from a mass market. And most importantly - such a design trick almost does not require much effort. Today there are a large number of stripes, which can be attached thanks to a regular iron. At the same time keep these decorative elements for a long time. Larger applications are recommended to be fixed with an imperceptible line.

  1. Decorative fringe

You can transform the skirt with the help of decorative fringe. To do this, it will only be necessary to purchase a canvas of the required size from leatherette, cut it into strips and attach the resulting parts to the already existing thing. This method will make of any classic skirt designer thing. By the way, it can be applied to clothes made from other materials. The main thing to get the canvas of the same color as the skirt itself.

Wear correctly!

Well, the most important condition for creating a luxury image is the correct selection of all its elements. The basic rule is the correct selection of colors and textures of things. It is necessary to focus on just a few elements. Thus, a bright midi skirt can be supplemented with equally bright shoes, but with a bright top. A classic wardrobe item will look stylish in combination with things of pastel shades.

In the winter, however, the long skirt of dark shades can be supplemented with a thick black tights, light shirt and a suitable cardigan or coat. Low shoes or shoes (also dark shades) and a handbag will help to complete the look.

Remember that from any thing from the usual mass market you can make an original element of the wardrobe. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and not to overload the general image with additional accessories. Total should be in moderation!