5 proofs that you store foods in the fridge wrong

Does milk smell like onions? Is the salad spoiled in a week? Do you go over meat platter hoping to find a fresh slice for a sandwich? We will tell you about common mistakes that make this happen.

Storage of milk and dairy products in door shelves

The temperature in this place is slightly higher, which is why your milk, yogurt and butter deteriorate faster. Put them on the internal shelves of the refrigerator, and free the side shelves for sauces and other products that are not perishable.

Meat storage is not in the meat compartment

In most models of refrigerators, this freezer box is specially made for storing raw meat, the temperature in them is much lower. Sometimes the temperature of these compartments is regulated so that you can lower it still, so that the meat stays fresh longer. Do not forget that raw meat should be stored in packages or cling film so that it does not stain the refrigerator.

Skip cleaning capacitor coils

If you notice that the refrigerator is warmer than usual, you may need to clean the coils. This should be done several times a year, and even more often if there are pets in the apartment. Disconnect the device, remove the grille and clean with a brush for cleaning coils, which can be found in the hardware store. With clean coils, the device works more efficiently, so you can save on electricity.

Improper freezing of products

If you freeze foods in a zip-bag, foil, or in a regular plastic bag, be sure to let all the air out of the package. If you use containers - try to fill them completely.

Storing fruits and vegetables not in a special compartment

They are called "zones of freshness", and not just. Store lettuce, broccoli and other vegetables in one of the special moisture boxes for vegetables, and you will be surprised at how long they will stay fresh. The second box, where the humidity level is low, use to store fruit.