13 signs of a man whom you should not let go


Many women prefer men with bad tempers for most of their lives. A prerequisite for this is the blind belief that "I am the one who can change it." As a result, you become just one more name on the list of women who tried to do this before you.

The only thing that is worse than this relationship is that women continue to look for such men, and then they are surprised when history repeats itself. Women do not pay attention to the fact that such men are very similar in character. But then, you meet a "good guy" and do not believe that everything can be so perfect. But you are mistaken, of course, maybe such men are far from a myth.

He is honest

It is unlikely that you will be able to catch him in a lie, because he was honest with you from the first day of your acquaintance.

He is good

He is too nice and kind to you, and you think that he has ulterior motives, but it is not.

He is polite

He is the only one who proves that knighthood still exists.

He is a devotee

He does not need to ask you to go off to meet with friends at the bar, because the level of trust is so high that there is no question of deception.

He keeps his word

His words will never cause doubt and can be relied upon.

He writes to you every day.

The first message you receive every morning with a compliment, and the last one before bedtime, is from him.

He introduces you to his family.

You are important to him, so he wants you to become part of his family. Thus, it shows how serious your relationship is.

He is interested in you

He wants to know everything about you. And although everyone has skeletons in the closet, he will never judge you for it.

He cares about your desires.

You become a priority for him, and he will do everything possible so that you do not need anything.

He supports you

What is important to you is important to him. He will appreciate all your successes, and during failures he will be comforted to make it easier for you.

He listens to you

He pays attention to every little thing, even to those that you do not say out loud.

He knows you the price.

He never dares to offend you, because he knows how hard it is to get your location.

It does not complicate

In a relationship with him, you realize that relationships should not be complicated, they should be comfortable.