6 coats and jackets that will not go out of fashion for another 20 years

One of the main winter trends is trendy coat-oversize. But in fact, the bold trend includes many variations and applies not only to different coats, but also to parks, sheepskin coats and down jackets.

Below we will talk about seven models of outerwear, in which you should definitely invest right now and that will look great even in 2030 and later.

Jackets in a cage

One of the most relevant prints of the season is the cage. And we are sure that this trend will always be relevant, especially on oversize models.


The beauty of the coat-gowns is that they instantly give the image of elegance. This season, invest in bright voluminous coats to truly tame the trend.

Coat with buttons

Coats with buttons, perhaps, will always be relevant, but we advise you to vote for trend models oversize this winter. A separate bonus - for bright colors.

Down jacket

Jackets - timeless classics, without which it is simply impossible to imagine a winter wardrobe. And this season and, most likely, in many of the following, trendy volume models will be in trend.

Tweed jackets

Tweed is a timeless classic (thanks to Coco Chanel). Tweed things add sophistication to everything with which they are combined. This season we recommend wearing a tweed jacket in a pair with jeans and a shirt.

Leather coat

We can live all autumn in a biker jacket - after all, this is the main fashion thing of all times. But in the winter we propose to wear a leather coat-oversize, which will warm you in the cold and add style to your look.