Clothing that helps a woman to feel confident

We all have days when we wake up and just do not feel confident. And we sometimes do not even imagine how the right clothes can raise our self-esteem.

Regardless of whether you are going to an important presentation at work, whether you need the courage to finally meet a nice man, or you just need a little something extra to feel better and more confident - a carefully thought out look can help you enhance your self-confidence.

But what kind of clothes can achieve this goal? To help you with your choices, we have identified seven things that should be in each woman’s closet and that will always come to the rescue and give confidence.

Flirty dress

Gorgeous dress can make your day. And it doesn’t have to be a tight sexy dress. It could just be your favorite midi dress that you can wear any day of the week. Why can a simple dress improve your mood? First, it is very easy to stylize. All you need to do is pick up a shoe and a handbag for it - and a win-win image is ready in minutes. Secondly, most likely, you already received compliments when you wore this dress before, so that it automatically makes you more attractive in your eyes and raises your mood.
@ lnfashionAccording to researcher Alastair Tombs, it is important to find such a dress in your wardrobe, which will make you feel amazing and in which you have already received compliments in the past. Every time you put it on, you will feel a surge of confidence.

A pair of perfectly tailored trousers

Classic pants are very comfortable because they work in several directions at once. They not only make you look incredibly elegant in combination with classic tops, such as jackets or shirts, but also add a fashionable contrast when you combine them with everyday things like short jumpers or tops. But there is a difference between a pair of classic trousers and a pair of immaculately stitched trousers.

In the first you will look beautiful, but in the second - absolutely flawless. You may have to pay extra money to fit the pants exactly to your body shape, but believe me, it is worth it.
@ lnfashionWhile Lillian Glass’s expert on body language says, “quality things that fit you perfectly affect how you present yourself, and as a result, the overall impression you make on people around you every day. More than half of the women surveyed agreed that the better the clothes they wear, the more confident they feel. ” So instead of just good pants, give preference to high-quality pants, tailored to fit - your mood will thank you for it!

Leather Jacket

Leather jacket is a timeless and super cool trend. Why do you think Madonna was a fan of leather in the 80s? Because it can be combined with almost everything: from fashionable evening dresses to casual boyfriend jeans - and immediately gives a stylish look to the image.
@ iamstudio According to fashion expert Nicole Clayst, “a leather jacket during a date sends an indirect message to your fan (and yourself) that you are confident and calm.” So take note!

Knitted sweater with jeans

There is something special in high-quality knitted sweater that gives us all the confidence and style, especially during the cold weather. Perhaps the whole thing in comfort and relaxation, which provide knitted sweaters, or in their versatility. One way or another, they can greatly increase your level of confidence.
@ lnfashion Whether you are going on a date or a dinner party, a fashionable knitted jumper will be a great solution - you will feel comfortable in it and you will not make awkward fashionable blunders.

Fancy skirt

Although your favorite elegant skirt may not be suitable for all things in your closet, and it can be difficult to wear for all occasions, but the truth is that such a skirt will instantly raise your spirits, isn't it? When you put on something that seems a bit smart for everyday life, you feel happier and, as a result, more confident.
@ iamstudioAccording to researcher Alastair Tombs: “Quite a few people look at clothing as a way to lift their spirits. If they get up and do not feel well, they put on something that can brighten their day. ” So reach for your elegant skirt and decorate your day with it. You will immediately feel how you have switched to a more confident walk.

Blazer with jeans

Blazers are much more versatile than you think - and will be useful not only for an office image. According to fashion expert Kristen Bousquet, "if you combine a blazer with patterned accessories or with a high-waisted top and jeans, you transform it from boring office clothes into a chic fashion outfit for all occasions." And since it is so versatile, you can wear it, with whatever you want, to feel more confident and elegant.

Expressive (but comfortable) heels

In the question of heels, the most important thing is convenience. If you cannot walk on them, it is better to set them aside immediately. Inconvenient heels just will not give confidence neither your gait, nor you. So do not hesitate to exchange your heels for your favorite sneakers or ballet flats. However, you can try to find comfortable heels. For example, shoes with a thick low heel. As you know, a couple of extra centimeters in shoes always adds confidence and allows you to walk "from the hip."
@ iamstudio According to fashion expert Kat Collings, “heels in every sense raise you to a new level. With the right heels, you'll instantly look more confident and stylish. We do not say that you should wear heels every day, but it’s definitely worth including them in your repertoire. ” However, confidence will add to you any other your favorite shoes - even just sneakers from which you are crazy.