Love is no more: 5 things that a loving husband will never do

You can judge the feelings of a husband not only by his actions, but also by what he does not do towards a woman. Consider five things that fall under the taboo for a loving husband. What will a loving husband never decide? There are signs that mark the end of a relationship (treason, betrayal, humiliation). They are unacceptable for normal, socially healthy families. The absence of these signs will help to understand that the husband loves his darling:

Good husband will not betray you

You can safely trust your chosen one, being sure that he will never hit you in the back. Betrayal is the first sign of the end of a relationship. It doesn’t matter how he betrayed you (changed or loosed your secret secret to a friend). What matters is the fact of betrayal from a loved one who was a stranger.

He will not lead an affair on the side

In a progressive society, treason is increasingly called the natural manifestation of male polygamy. For a man, the bond with his mistress is based on physiological needs for dissatisfaction, and not on emotional intimacy as for a woman. A wife will always evaluate her husband's act from her point of view: once changed, it means there are feelings for another. A good husband will be stopped by thoughts of pain that cheating will bring to his beloved woman.

Will not insult you

Domestic violence does not always have physical manifestations. Verbal abuse is part of male tyranny. If a husband loves his wife, he will never morally humiliate her in order to assert himself.

A loving husband will not allow himself to raise his hand

The thesis “beats, means loves” is no longer relevant. Systematic beatings or slapping every five years - these incidents have nothing to do with love.

Do not put your opinion in second place

A loving husband listens to his darling and always takes into account her point of view before taking any important step. If the opinions of partners do not match, then they begin to search for a compromise.

What else will a loving man never do? She will not expose his wife guilty in any situation, discuss her “behind the eyes” with mutual friends, blatantly lie and make fun of her shortcomings. A man who feels truly deep feelings for his beloved, even with hundreds of flaws, will restrain his negative sides so as not to cause pain to his beloved.