7 features in the behavior of a man with whom he is trying to make you a complete fool

A man can not say this openly, not to fuss and not call your name in your face, but for your eyes to consider you a final and irrevocable fool. And how can you recognize this.

1. He does not fulfill promises

To promise with three boxes and at the last moment to slip away, merge and hide in an unknown direction - this will pass only with the one that he does little in what he puts. And then you can ask for forgiveness, making eyes like a cat from Shrek, and forward - to promise and disappear again at the most necessary time.

2. He will not let you in his life

It is clear that we are not talking about those personal boundaries that every person should have, but about the life that your man lives separately from you, carefully guarding the entrance to his world. You seem to be near, but at the same time, so far away and beyond the reach of what is happening in his fate.

3. He is not hiding, that is cheating on you.

It is served with sauce as a matter of course and as normal. "Yes, I am what I am, and you must accept me with all my life and other women." He does not even try to somehow hide his infidelity or justify himself, on the contrary, he is also incredibly proud of his success and popularity.

4. He hides your relationship with him.

Practically nobody knows about you - neither his family, nor friends, nor colleagues. And he assures you that everything is serious and until the end of his life, he just wants no one to climb into his personal life. Well, great excuse.

5. He puts passwords on his phone and computer

At the same time, he hotly asserts that this is just a habit, a forced security measure and a mere trifle. But we know that men hide something, if they really have something to hide. Most likely, he simply does not want you to accidentally discover his correspondence with some beautiful stranger.

6. He avoids your relatives and friends.

He dodges meetings in every possible way, does not want to get acquainted with anyone closely, and prefers to spend time only in private than in the presence of someone. Of course, perhaps he is just a shy and secretive romantic, but, most likely, he simply does not consider anything serious with you in the long run, and therefore does not want to tighten the screws.

7. He discusses other women in your presence.

It could be anyone - a passing beauty, a singer from a television screen, or your best friend. He shamelessly commented on their figures and appearance, as if they were not near you, but his old bastard sidekick.