How to paint the nails: choose a shade on the sign of the zodiac

It’s easy to blame things like regression or eclipses when your life is destroyed in an instant. Reading horoscopes daily and carrying out deep connections with your life allows you to find meaning in everything that happens. Simply put, trying to understand yourself is fun, and a mystical collection of nail shades can help you create a positive attitude.

Covering the nails with your individual shade, you annul all negative thoughts and perfectly complete your image. Each shade is designed to meet the moral needs of each sign of the zodiac, stimulate healing and personal growth. Did you know that some of these stones have an emotional balancing effect? We offer to try this statement on yourself!

We selected colors in shades of precious crystals that will not only look organic on your nails, but also charge you with positive energy.

Aries: Red Jasper

The color of red jasper reflects the fire in this star sign. It has a calming effect for hot-tempered Aries, prompting them to think before they act.

Taurus: selenite

This plush pink color is designed for Taurus. Selenite is strong enough to shake up stubborn Taurus, clearing their minds to stimulate personal growth.

Gemini: jade serpentine

This season, Gemini advise you to choose this mint varnish. Jade serpentine emotionally balances and settles the mixed feelings of Gemini.

Cancer: Moonstone

This intricate blue for intuitive Rakov is blended with the moonstone formula to create emotional balance, reconnecting with authentic feelings.

Lion: tiger eye

The red color of the gem gives the Lions integrity, finding a balance in self-empowerment.

Virgo: amazonite

The combination of amazonite with this nude shade of pink helps to reduce the stress of Virgins.

Scales: rose quartz

We describe this color as the color of a ballet slipper that suits you best. Pink quartz is the color of unconditional love and teaches you to think about what you need, and not just about the opinions of others.

Scorpio: obsidian

This crystal in dark blue helps the Scorpios find the truth by clearing the mind from previous injuries.

Sagittarius: Citrine

Citrine, a stone of self-expression, has been added to this warm wine color. He sets up Sagittarius to turn dreams into reality.

Capricorn: Pomegranate

The more layers you apply, the brighter and richer the color will be. Capricorns spend a lot of time on their work, and the grenade makes sure that they do not go to overtime.

Aquarius: Amethyst

This stone helps to solve life problems by analyzing all the options for the development of the situation before making a decision.

Fish: fluorite

The hue reflecting the inner world of Pisces is mauve. Fluorite helps to be collected and concentrated.