6 signs of poverty that give you headlong

This article is not about those people who really barely make ends meet. It's about those who themselves mentally drive themselves into poverty, trying to match others. These people are not old clothes, torn shoes and miserable coins in their wallet. Their head is simply crammed with prejudice and their own fears.

1. Constant complaints

Such people constantly complain and cry about how bad they are. They definitely need someone who will be their vest to console, persuade and admonish that everything will be fine. All this is done in order to find a person who, having regretted them, will be able to help and correct the situation.

2. Comparing yourself with others

They constantly look around at others and compare themselves with them. This puts an incredible pressure on self-esteem and makes them try to reach some unnecessary heights that do not bring anything useful and positive.

3. Envy

They envy everyone who is at least something better than them. It seems to them that others are better, they have more money, and they can afford much more. This envy gnaws from within, crushes, lowers self-esteem and destroys life.

4. The race for the material

Such people are ready to give the last, get into debt, live on the last penny and practically starve, just to buy something that will emphasize their status and correspond to the level of those around them. They chase brands, latest gadgets and technology and strongly emphasize this.

5. Material values ​​are more important to them than spiritual ones.

They put money, things and pleasure far above human relations, honesty and decency. Such people do not disdain to overstep their moral principles for the sake of material gain, they are able to go over their heads and betray even those who are dear to them.

6. Search for sponsor

Or simply the one who will pay for all their whims and desires. Naturally, this is more relevant for women than for men, but there are also Alfonso in our world. The desire for a simple and easy life is the main feature of such people. They do not want to do anything themselves, but only through someone or at someone else’s expense.