5 signs in clothes that give a primitive woman

It is individuality that will make you attractive and special. No fashionable trend can make you a unique woman if you merge with the crowd. Why is this happening?

You are afraid to experiment

And what if I do not go, you think. Suddenly, people around will misunderstand your image, will they laugh at you? Until you find the courage to look like you want, you will look like a faceless follower of those who are bolder and more individual.

You care about public opinion

Therefore, the length of the skirt is strictly within the framework of morality, and everything else seems to be chosen so as not to stand out from the crowd. Suddenly, someone decides that you have made a kit tasteless and will comment on your image? And you listen to the opinion of the advisers, even if you completely disagree with him. This is certainly not worth doing!

You think it is stylish and expensive: it is synonymous

And so the fur coat and handbag, which had to be taken on credit. Yes, the one that like everyone else. As a result, you look no worse than others (of course, you are in brands), but also no better. Against the background of other conventionally stylish and interesting ladies, they simply won't notice you.

But in the mass market, meanwhile, sometimes you can find great and interesting things. And if you can combine all this, then certainly aerobatics.

You are chasing fashion trends.

To follow them and be aware is certainly good. You will be able to make bright, interesting kits and stay always on top. However, it is not worthwhile to focus only on them. First, it will make you faceless. Secondly, the choice is exactly what you really want, and this does not apply to every fashion trend.

You dress for men

And this means deliberate sexuality, tight things and overall conformity to the image of a sexy lady. Unfortunately, you are not the only one doing this. Girls are ready to go for any tricks to please men, and eventually merge into a single mass. And men, in turn, choose those who at least stand out. At least in order not to confuse.