Love has passed: 3 reasons why a wife does not want a husband

Women very often turn to psychologist with such questions. And it’s not always adult ladies in their 40s. Such a problem often happens in young women who have been married not so long ago - from three to five years. Why is this happening?

Top 3 reasons why a wife does not want a husband

You have a relationship crisis

Very often the cause becomes a crisis. People got used to each other, and then, finally, they became close to each other. So much so that the feeling is like a relative. And then the problems of an intimate nature begin.

To prevent them is quite simple - keep exploring each other, do not let your feelings become crusted, continue to see in your man a lover, desired and courageous. Take action so that he continues to see a woman in you.

You got bored

Very often boredom comes to replace ardent feelings. All the novelty has already passed, including in bed, and you have no idea how he can surprise you there with such. No, you still love him, although you are trying to look around.

Let yourself have a little fun. Flirt with someone, not crossing borders, feel yourself desirable - and spend all your ardor on your husband.

This is not your man

Sometimes it's really bad. You were close, yes, and yet this is not the kind of person you needed. Over time, the feeling of passion passed away, leaving the place to bitter disappointment, and you realized that this is really not the person who should be with you.

If you do not want a husband, then love has passed?

Not always the lack of sexual attraction indicates that the feelings have cooled. There are alternative options:

  • Stress: Are you tired at work lately?
  • Feeling unwell: no one can want physical love in a bad state.
  • Problems with her husband: he has become rude to you, or he has problems, and he does not look like the person you want to see next to you.

The husband does not want a wife: he has problems or lover?

And what if the situation is the opposite, and the man does not want a woman? Here, too, is not so simple. Do not rush to suspect him in adultery: first ask him how are you. Maybe he will tell you about his experiences - problems at work, in the family, with health. Or maybe he witnessed an unpleasant situation, and this led to a depressed state.

No desire for a husband: what to do about it?

How to solve the problem, if you do not want to lose the family?

  • Try talking to your husband: What is he willing to do to make you feel good together?
  • Try experimenting: sometimes new sensations in bed help bring back attraction.
  • Try to pause: if nothing helps at all, go on vacation alone. Sometimes a change of scenery can really give a lot.