Who is your horoscope?


Aries suits you if you are not interested in predictable relationships. You want something more passionate and fiery. You want a little excitement. You want spontaneity. You need someone who can turn the most ordinary everyday life into an exciting adventure, someone who will force you to try new things, and not the one who will keep you in the comfort zone, sitting on the couch at home.


Taurus is right for you if you are looking for stability. You want someone to earn your trust. You are tired of meeting people who lie to you, disappoint you and act hypocritically behind your back. You want someone who will be present with you and will behave with dignity. You want someone who is ready for a serious, adult commitment.


You are suitable Twins, if you want someone independent, someone who will go with the flow with you. You want someone to take care of the future near you, although none of you know exactly where your paths lead. You need someone who likes the unknown, who has an unbiased attitude to life, because it doesn't matter where the road leads you while you walk along it together.


Cancer suits you if you are tired of being the one who cares most about friendship and relationships. You want to be with someone who puts as much effort into your relationship as you do. One who will give up his affairs for you. One who makes you feel valuable. Someone who puts you first in life.

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Leo suits you if you are attracted to people with ambitions. People on the drive. People who know what they want from this life and will not rest until they get it. You want relationships that challenge you, relationships that push you to become the best version of yourself. You do not want to be lazy. You want to meet someone who sees your potential and stimulates your growth.


Virgo suits you if you appreciate the attention to detail. You are impressed by the work ethic of loved ones. You are so fascinated by them, because they seem strong to you from the outside, but secretly soft inside. They set the perfect balance between soft and coarse, which means that they can put you in place when you are mistaken, but they can also calm you down when you are upset.


You fit Libra, because you are a romantic. You like it when you are courted and pursued. You like to walk on the white sand beaches, hold hands and play football next to the dinner table. You want a relationship in which you feel loved, where you are on the verge of being spoiled. You need a person who pays you a lot of attention that you could hope for.


Scorpio suits you if you want to meet your best friend. You want to be with someone who laughs at your jokes for hours and writes messages to you and hates the same people that you hate. You want a relationship in which you feel that you are understood. You want a relationship in which you are part of a team.


Sagittarius is right for you because physical connections are very important to you. You feel a spark when holding hands. You have butterflies in your stomach whenever he kisses your neck. And sex with archers awesome. You feel closer to him because you have a connection that goes beyond words. You don't need to tell him to know what's on your mind. Everything is clear without words.


Capricorn suits you because you are attracted to the intellect. Long detailed conversations are important to you. You need someone with whom you can discuss television shows, but also someone with whom you can discuss the secrets of the universe. You will not be happy if you do not develop with a partner. Capricorn will remind you how much you can offer this world. The second half should push you to success every day.


Aquarius is right for you if you don’t like to choke. You want to have your own life, you want to have time to see your friends, but you also want a love relationship. You need someone who can balance various aspects of life, and Aquarius is that person. They are independent, but they will still write you love letters and send sweet texts. They will give you freedom, but they will also be there for you anytime you call.


Pisces suits you if you are impressed with their social skills. You love how much they can make their friends laugh. You love how well they get on with your parents. You love how comfortable you feel when you are in a room with them. They give you confidence, because meeting them is like meeting a celebrity. Everyone is impressed with you. Everyone is glad to know you when they are in your hands.