Family man: 5 signs that give him away

Do you often have to meet men who are interested at first sight, but were already married? In order not to indulge in vain hopes and to avoid disappointment, the status of a man can be calculated at the first fleeting meeting. This will help you five signs.

Ring on a finger

This, of course, the most important sign of a married man. "Ringed" do not always wear the symbol of marriage on the ring finger. A deductive method will help determine whether it was in the right place a couple of days ago: if there is a strip of unburned skin on the finger, this should alert. Unfortunately, the method is valid only in the summer.

He does not look around

A married man is not looking for easy intrigues. He is fully focused on his family life and never wanders around with his eyes in search of a woman who can be caught on. Even without this, he has enough worries at home and his thoughts are floating far from here.

He is neatly dressed

Neat appearance of a man is not an "iron" sign that he is married. Rather, it is a sign of a good wife, if he has one. There are men who are independently able to choose beautiful things and monitor their appearance without the help of a woman.

He is not looking for dating or flirting

A family man does not see the point in light intrigues unless they continue, because his heart is already occupied. However, there is a separate category of representatives of the stronger sex, which flirting podzadorivaet and allows you to keep yourself "in good shape", to maintain the old form of a talented seducer.

He is thorough and speaks only in the case.

A foreign man suppresses any options for the transition of workers or friendships in personal. For him, this is unnecessary trouble and unnecessary complications that are easier to prevent than to get rid of them later.

Calculate a married man to help not only these signs. If he wants to deliberately hide his status in order to “ring up” a girl, his deception is characterized by quite different features: the man hides the phone, is often inaccessible, avoids publicity, does not appear on weekends and holidays, deceives and does not introduce people from his “close circle” .