5 manicure ideas for women who wear gold jewelry

Gold jewelry is not liked by everyone, but no one will argue that they look really elegant and luxurious. You can make them even more interesting if you choose the right design and shades for a manicure.

Gold elements

Gold goes to gold, so this design looks very interesting and special. It is possible to combine gold elements with the most different shades of a varnish, however it is better to choose light, soft and neutral. Beige, pink, peach and taup will look the most harmonious of all, and also perfectly combine with gold.


This is one of the main recent trends in manicure. White nails are very popular among the trendsetters in the beauty industry, and this option is definitely worth a try. In addition, due to the proximity of shades, white goes well with gold jewelry.

Dark shades

Dark red, brown, blue, and even black in combination with gold look especially elegant and noble. You can make both monophonic manicure, and experiment with the design, try to make a complex transition from one color to another, as well as use minimalistic decorative elements.



Like gold, red in manicure is considered almost a classic. And together they look as harmonious as possible, completely corresponding to each other. This is an option for those who want to look bright, but at the same time not vulgar and pretentious. To create the perfect image, do not allow too long and sharp nails and too many ornaments.


If you do not pretend to the brightness and pretentiousness, give preference to soft and gentle tones. For example, an unobtrusive beige-brown shade looks almost like a king. You can add zest, if you use gold elements right in the manicure. For example, cover one nail with gold lacquer, which will contrast with the coating on the other nails.