5 quick ways to get rid of extra pounds without diet and fitness

The countdown to the New Year has begun! Ahead - a delicious Christmas menu, which includes all the traditional and often very high-calorie dishes. Of course, you should not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy traditional treats during New Year's celebrations, but remember that the effects of overeating can be very unpleasant and undermine your weight loss efforts.

If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight before the Christmas holidays and afford a little more tasty dishes from the New Year's table, use the following tips. But let the thought of getting into your new evening gown does not push you on a diet that can be extremely detrimental to your health and, among other things, short-term.

Here are five natural ways to lose weight and lower your stomach in less than one week - without diet and exercise.

Protein and fiber

Remember the saying "the press is built in the kitchen"? This means that the excess fat in the abdomen will not help throw off any workout, if you do not adhere to proper nutrition. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fiber every day to fight body fat and maintain overall health. And in order to build muscle and speed up weight loss, add to your daily diet of protein found in poultry, fish, eggs, cottage cheese.


If you are really determined to lose a few extra pounds, especially in the abdominal area, give up alcohol. Alcohol contains many calories, which can lead to excess fat on the abdomen and affect the health of your organs.

Sweet carbs

Carbohydrates are necessary for the body to produce energy, however, the consumption of excessive amounts of foods high in carbohydrates, especially sweet carbohydrates such as chocolate, cakes and bread, can lead to the appearance of fat on the abdomen. The problem is that most people consume more carbohydrates than they need, thereby contributing to the accumulation of fat on the body.

Measuring progress

Tracking your progress will help you tune in to get rid of those extra pounds. One of the best ways is to measure the belly. Make sure it is less than half your height. According to some experts in the field of fitness, measuring the size of the abdomen is a better option than weighing.

Modern technologies

There is another very effective way, the advantage of which is that with all its rapid effect, it is safe, has almost no contraindications and does not require rehabilitation! This is the R-SLEEK procedure. It is conducted under the guidance of a professional specialist in the conditions of a beauty salon or in highly specialized figure correction studios. No preliminary preparation is required, strict recommendations should not be observed either. All that a specialist asks is to drink plenty of water on the day of the procedure.

R-SLEEK has established itself as an express method due to the fact that its effectiveness exceeds manual techniques for modeling a figure by 4–5 times. The session lasts 75 minutes and is strictly divided into two phases: the phase of work on the oil and the phase of work on the costume. Both the first and second phases are not just painless, but even pleasant. The essence of the procedure consists in the detailed study of each centimeter of the body with special nozzles, one of which is silicone, and the other is metal. Before purchasing a course in the salon, you will be offered to test the procedure for free and feel everything on yourself. Believe me, after this test drive, you will not remain indifferent to the R-SLEEK technique, it is caused by the wow-effect precisely because the results are already visible after the first procedure.