4 trends of French manicure in 2019, which should be tried today

French manicure is a universal version of nail design, suitable for any occasion and occasion. French, like no other type of manicure, is able to make hands well-groomed, elegant and neat. However, if you are afraid to look too boring or just are a supporter of unusual nail design, we have selected for you a few examples of this traditional manicure in the new modern interpretation.

Sharp lines

Update a regular jacket: draw one thin horizontal line just below the middle of the nail plate. The main thing is to make soft rounded ends.

Fashion cobalt

Try using cobalt for french and, in addition to the upper band, draw lines along the sides of the nail.

Neon is back in fashion.

When the nails are not very long, and you want to draw a thin strip - use fluorescent colors, and for the base - bodily.

Nail Jewelry

Use a neutral base, leave it short with a round shape, and use shiny lacquers for design.