8 rules of life that will make you a truly attractive person

Courage and self-confidence are the two main attributes of a strong person.

Strong people are not guided by doubt and fear, as other people do. They themselves come up with the rules by which they live.

However, they are the same people as we, they go through difficulties and make mistakes. The difference is that they do not allow difficulties to form them, but, on the contrary, use them to develop positive character traits.

You wisely choose your friends

You are pretty picky when it comes to the people around you. You surround yourself with only people who know their value, have a positive attitude and sense of purpose. You realize that now the word "friendship" is often used to empty, without betraying it. However, you take this word seriously.

You are not trying to get attention

Like everyone - not your task. You feel sorry for people who are constantly trying to please everyone. After all, the more important thing is to like yourself, accept yourself and your uniqueness.

You do not expect approval from others

The only approval you need is your own.

Indifference and stupidity repel you

You are naturally kind and help other people understand your value, you like to inspire others. Minded, indifferent people are driven by jealousy and fear. These two things have no place in your life.

You are not close to small talk

You like informative, meaningful and stimulating knowledge sharing conversations.

Can you listen to people

You understand that one of the most requested things in the world is people who know how to listen. When you listen to another person and are really involved in a conversation, it strengthens your attitude and expands the boundaries of your consciousness.

You have no time to make excuses

Either you do, or try to find excuses not to do. You like to be close to people who discuss their achievements. Do not like people who constantly complain that they cannot achieve anything and do nothing for it.

You are fearless

You were born to be a leader and set trends, you do not care about the opinions of others and stupid rumors. You look at life and all its obstacles as a challenge and do not stop until you overcome everything.