Look expensive and cheap: 5 items from H & M

At the moment, the brand H & M contains two worlds. On the one hand, this is a successful collaboration with Moschino, the result of which were bright things with unusual details, various trinkets and cartoon motifs. On the other hand, H & M has elegant, neutral models of things that look expensive, but are sold at an affordable price.

Some of these things are things of all shades of brown and beige.

If you want to buy things that will last you more than one season, follow two rules: first, try to avoid bright prints - they are extremely short-lived and can go out of fashion. And secondly, appreciate the advantages of neutral brown and beige shades. Their charm is that they are relevant, regardless of the season and trends, and it seems that time is also beyond their control.

Below we have collected a few things that are worth buying in any of the fifty shades of brown.

Fur coat-teddy

Fur teddy fur coats are extremely relevant this season. Street-style women of fashion vote for a fur coat in a chocolate brown shade - and they advise you.
Fur coat H & M.;

Pleated midi skirt

In a monochromatic brown shade or with a trendy leopard or snake print, this skirt perfectly complements both casual and evening look, and is useful not only in winter but also in summer.
Skirt H & M,


A cozy jumper is a must-have thing for a winter wardrobe. Jumpers in mustard or beige shade look especially elegant. Pair them with pleated skirts and tonal boots for a trendy look.
H & M Jumper,


You definitely can not go wrong if you buy a coat of camel shade - even inexpensive models in this color will look as if you bought them in a luxury boutique.
Coat H & M.


What could be more versatile pair of brown boots? They seem to fit everything, and immediately add style to any image.
Boots H & M;