Simple makeup: 5 tricks for those who want to enlarge their eyes

There are many women in the world with small eyes who believe that their cut is not beautiful enough and no makeup can fit them. Naturally, this is not true, and you can do a beautiful make-up on small eyes. We will tell you about some ways to do this.

Paint eyelashes

If you have small eyes, you can enlarge them by painting the eyelashes. First, apply one layer of mascara, then the second, focusing on the middle of the ciliary line. But do not overdo it with the product, as you can only make it worse.

Make a contour eyelids

The contouring of the eyelid allows you to visually enlarge and beautify the eyes. Emphasize the inner corners with bright shadows, do not enter the nose area, so your eyes may look closely spaced to each other.

Smoky eye makeup

Such makeup is very suitable for all girls with small eyes, especially for going out. For a perfect smoky, apply beige to the inside of the eyelid, dark to the outside and add all with even arrows. Complete the image with mascara, it will make your eyes more open.

Apply a nice eye shadow

You can try light shades - they emphasize your facial features. Also, instead of a black liner, try using a light one. This simple idea is the perfect makeup for small eyes.

Well-groomed eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows with a thin pointed shape is also a good option for owners of small eyes. Adjust the eyebrows, keeping their natural shape, but giving them a neater appearance in combination with mascara eyeliner - this will create a good daily version of makeup.