The ban on old age: choose the right dress for women over 40

In the winter wardrobe of every woman there must be a stylish dress that will best emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide its flaws. If you are over 40, you should absolutely not dress in bulky robes or pantsuit. Remember that you are still a romantic and feminine person. Choose clothes of dense fabrics with orientation to a style, fashionable trends and decorative elements actual in this season.

What you need to focus on when choosing winter dresses?

Have you crossed the line for 40 years, and age-related changes have become noticeable? Do not despair, because there is a great way to hide the flaws of the figure with the help of correctly selected dress.

Focus on the following stylist recommendations:

  • give preference to the length just below the knees;
  • choose clothes of discreet colors (pastel shades), demonstrating the sense of proportion and elegance to others;
  • mini-dresses and candid cocktail dresses will look frivolous and inappropriate, so it is preferable to buy clothes of a classic style, emphasizing the silhouette;
  • absolutely not worth striving to expose the back or décolleté, because it is the prerogative of young and little self-confident girls;
  • To hide the extra kilos in the abdomen, choose the style of dress with a distinct waist (underlined at the expense of the belt);
  • if you have excessively large hips, dresses-bells with additional pockets on the sides will further increase them.

How to rejuvenate yourself with a dress?

Many ladies in age in pursuit of rejuvenation get mini-dresses, dresses, studded with sequins, dresses with a skirt-pack and other modern variations of women's wardrobe. But in most cases on mature women, they look ridiculous or, on the contrary, give them a couple of extra years. What to do to smooth out your age with clothes?

Recommendations of fashion industry stylists:

  • Do not choose the candy pink color;
  • Lacy low-key outfits should be used only for going to a restaurant or for a romantic date;
  • Avoid open abdomen or masking of the neckline with a mesh fabric;
  • A small floral print is absolutely not suitable for winter, but inserts made of fabric with large identical colors will fall just fine;
  • For every day, get a knitted tunic dress. The silhouette can be formed with a belt;
  • Choose the color that suits you;
  • Choose outfits according to your inner world, taste preferences and trends in the fashion world.

Examples of winter clothes that will suit women over 40

In winter, you need to think not only about beauty, but also about your health. That is why when choosing a dress for the trip to work it is better to give preference to clothes made of warm fabrics.
@ conceptosdeestilo A short dress with polka dots at a mature age looks vulgar, but a concise, tight-fitting outfit imitating an hourglass figure will do just right.

Give up fashionable now flounces, which will only be complete. Prefer flared skirt.
@ justalpatriThe uniform of gray color, made in the form of a shirt, does not paint a full woman at all. But if you choose the original flowing style products made of thick fabric, then such a vestment will have the way for the publication or going to the office.

A synthetic dress with a V-neck is not the best option. Want to look extravagant? Then experiment with a knitted tunic dress, which is beautifully decorated with a belt.
@ lieblingsstil Hopefully, our selection of tips will help you successfully update your wardrobe. Remember, even after 40 you can look stylish and feminine!