4 features of a good woman who immediately attract a male narcissus

Opposites attract. And those qualities and traits that you have so diligently developed - to be strong, independent, financially secure, professionally successful, and generally correct - often attract a bad man.

This does not mean that you should not win. It simply means that you need to arm yourself with the knowledge of warning signs in order to know who to avoid and who to attract.

People are drawn to others because of the needs and desires they seek to fulfill in their lives, such as the desire to experience great feelings, safety, love, support and comfort. On the other hand, some unfulfilled desires are related to polar opposite characteristics, such as adventure, freedom, risk, challenge and intensity, which the narcissus or narcissist man embodies.

Here are 4 reasons why those narcissistic men are so drawn to good women:

1. You have a high ability to love

Men with asocial disorders (psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissus) lack sympathy. They don't care about anyone but themselves. Without sympathy or concern for others, love cannot exist. You are the target because you really care and suffer when others are in trouble or in pain. You tend to be one that has a high level of trust, compassion, tolerance and affection or loyalty in your relationship.

You are a positive person who sees the best in others. Your kindness not only makes you very welcome. These traits also help you succeed in areas such as nursing, psychology, education, and personnel management. There is nothing wrong with how you love. Narcissus used your strength and kindness.

Because of this disruption, your injured brain wants to renounce your ability to be vulnerable again. But by closing your vulnerability to others, you close your ability to love, which is part of who you are and what makes you happy. Love exists only to the extent that we remain open and allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Abuse must be stopped. Your heart will recover and become healthy again.

2. You are reliable and responsible

You were, are, or become a target for a selfish man, because you are reliable, emotionally mature and able to take responsibility. You may have become more mature, caring for your brothers and sisters, or supporting a sick parent, and you can bear much of the responsibility for raising your children.

Instead of taking on more responsibility, you may desperately need adventure and fun. Balanced life is important for your health. Allow yourself to be free-spirited and at times childish. This freedom will help you find a more sustainable, reliable partner.

3. You are a strong person

A woman who is ambitious and has an influential job is attractive to the narcissus. Example: strong women often scare away a normal man, but the narcissus is not afraid of such a woman. He takes the opportunity to have a strong woman next to him. An extrovert woman may feel that she has met her mate - a man strong enough to resist her and love her.

As an influential person, you can believe that you need to control every situation. But admit that you are a person too, and no matter how smart you are, you need a relationship in which you want to give up and be vulnerable without being used; relationship in which you will maintain.

4. You have a good relationship with your father.

Having a healthy and loving relationship with your father can make you vulnerable because you have not experienced pain and simply do not believe that there are bad people. If you grew up with a father who was always there, it may be difficult for you to accept the idea that a man is specifically targeted only because of your ability to love.

The tension of opposites gives rise to genuine passion, which will maintain, deepen and revive relationships as long as each partner is respected, valued and cared for. These differences encourage us to step out of our comfort zone and accept a growth zone, allowing us to develop and transform into a more holistic personality.

You are worthy of a person who values ​​your heart, mind, and body as your own. You are ready to love and be loved without fear.