A life

To love two at the same time is to love only yourself.

My friend Vera got into a difficult life situation - she loves two men at the same time. As she claims, she loves truly, with all her heart and with full dedication. For almost a year now, a poor friend has been torn between two fires, not knowing whom to choose and with whom to stay, because she cannot throw a single gentleman or the other.

First love is Boris. An adult, handsome, solid, achieved a lot in life and self-confident. With Boris Verka as if behind a stone wall - he will always help, help out, give a helping hand and give practical advice. Boris is an old-fashioned man, reliable, conservative, homely and not loving noisy companies and parties.

The second love is Vadim. Vadik is younger than Vera for 10 years, still studying at the university, funny, crazy, capable of insane acts and just a complete romantic. He sang Verka serenades under the window, arranged dinners at the top of a skyscraper, rode his bike around Moscow at night and invited to the most ceremonial places of the city. With him, Vera becomes again a frivolous girl, daring, playful and able to have sex in an elevator.

The caretakers, of course, do not know about the existence of each other, and Vera just goes crazy, realizing how vile and low she comes in, meeting two at the same time, but she can’t make a choice. “You see, I really love them both,” says a friend. "With Boreas, I feel protected and confident, and with Vadik I simply burn from feelings and desire."

Yeah, poor Vera, you don’t want such a situation. But, the more I listen to the complaints and moans of a friend, the more I become convinced that this is just what is convenient and profitable for her. Well, and think about it yourself: there are two men who are ready to put stars at Vera's feet, sincerely love her, want to be together and make plans for the future. There is Vera, who immediately gets two buzzs at the same time: with Boris he plays with his family and a serious couple, who, moreover, provides her, and with Vadik he fools around, breaks off and performs insane acts. Both her needs are fully satisfied, Verka is happy and contented, and tears about difficult choices are echoes of conscience and self-justification. “No, I’m not a mean creature who shamelessly uses two men, I’m just a very thin person who fell in love with both of them at once and is now torn between them, not knowing where to put her feelings.”

My dear Vera, in fact you do not love Boris or Vadim, you only love yourself. And everything that you do, you do only to satisfy your own desires and requests. Your ego is happy, and you are not going to change anything, because everything triples you. After all, the easiest way is to make a sacrifice of yourself and hide behind a thin kind and vulnerable loving soul.