5 male types that are stuck forever in childhood

You won’t surprise anyone now with male infantilism, it’s rather become almost the norm than out of the ordinary. But, nevertheless, there are such types of men who are so plunged into childhood that they categorically do not want to become adults and serious.

1. Mama's boy

Such a man, even at the age of 40, never moves away from her mother's skirt. Any action, decision or choice is made only after the blessing of the Great Mother, who fully controls the life of her beloved son and, of course, hates any woman who appears from him within a radius of 3 meters. It’s definitely not worth waiting for something serious and decisive from such a male specimen, because you will not be married to him, but to his mom.

2. Narcissus

The narcissus man is fully occupied with his own self-admiration and believes that the whole world should revolve exclusively around his person. It is characterized by children's intolerance, excessive touchiness and the expectation that everyone will be touched and admired. Such a subject is not exactly capable of taking responsibility and behaving like a real man.

3. Creative nature

He is always in the clouds, looking for his muse, calls for inspiration and sees the world in special colors available only to him. He is a man of creativity, an unearthly nature. And he is absolutely not adapted to everyday life and everyday life - he doesn’t even know how to fry eggs, doesn’t know how the washing machine turns on, and thinks that the clothes are ironed by themselves. Disorder, chaos and carelessness are always created around him. Want to be an eternal mom? Then catch the moment!

4. Bad guy

Usually these men can turn their heads with just a glance and a smile. It is good to make thoughtless acts with them, break the rules and do what is forbidden. When you are at the age of 18, of course, rather than a little over 30. In fact, such tough guys turn out to be ordinary babblers who do not keep promises, do not know how to take responsibility, and are simply not capable of consistency and serious relations.

5. Obsessed with pernicious addictions

As a rule, men are banal gamers who abuse alcohol or are involved in fashionable movements and sects. They are so immersed in their own world and their own atmosphere, which completely controls their lives and has a detrimental effect that they do not notice anything else around. This is like teenage hobbies that knock youngsters off the right path. If you do not want to constantly pull it out of the trouble and solve a bunch of other people's problems, you better get around such an instance.