A life

The best test of a man on the seriousness of his feelings is a request to buy pads.

My girlfriend Julia invented a truly ingenious way to find out whether you really should continue a relationship with a man and hope for the best, or you can immediately send him to the forest. Not to say that the method is radically new, but very effective and never deceiving.

After a certain time after the beginning of the novel and the establishment of more or less close relationships, Julia just asks her faithful to buy her ... pads. This is done very unobtrusively, by chance, and as if by chance. "Honey, you still go to the store, be kind, buy me a gasket." That's all - then it remains only to wait for his reaction and analyze the result.

In general, as Julia herself says, there are three types of options for the outcome of this situation. The first is that, having barely heard your request, he will immediately begin to make excuses, invent a thousand excuses and say that this is not a man’s thing. The second - he seems to agree, but with great reluctance. The store will tiptoe, hiding the purchase behind his back, so that God forbid no one saw. Then he will wait until there are people in the queue at the box office, and when they start to serve him, he turns red like cancer and shamefully lowers his head. The purchase will put in 10 packages, making sure that nothing is translucent and, nevertheless, will bring to you the essentials. So, it is better not to let two of such types in your life. The first is for sure, think well about the second - do you need a shy mummy with a bunch of prejudices.

But the third option - this is when a man with no questions asked, stupid excuses and twists, simply fulfills your request, without hiding from anyone, without encrypting or blushing. After all, this is absolutely normal and natural, and if you connect your life with him, he will see you pregnant, barely alive after birth, disheveled and not sleeping from sleepless nights with a child, sick, dissatisfied, sad and not in the best shape. So why then all this corps de ballet and theater with gaskets?