3 rules how to correspond with him so that he does not lose interest in you

Flirting is the key point from which it all begins and begins. In the first stages of dating, all communication between a man and a woman is based on light touches and playfulness. And in the 21st century, in the era of technology, text messages provide men and women with the opportunity to flirt with each other not only during rare meetings, but throughout the day - if you do everything right.

The quality and fullness of text messages that you send to your potential man can have a big impact on the future of your relationship. So, if you met a man and want to interest him, honing the skills of sending messages is very important.

A game

The strongest and easiest relationships have an element of playfulness, especially at the very beginning, but for some reason, most women still ask only standard questions, such as “how was your day?” Or “what did you eat for dinner yesterday?”. These messages take place, but you can also send them to a friend or mother. If you really like a man and you want him to be delighted with you, send him funny, flirty messages.

Playful messages need to be whimsical and different, so start with a funny fact about yourself so that he wants to learn more. This will be a great start to the conversation and help break the ice between you. Men love when a woman is daring and with a sense of humor, they immediately understand that it will be interesting to communicate with you and you will not have to invent a topic for hours to talk. But do not exaggerate or try to seem like someone that you are not, it immediately catches the eye and repels.


Everyone wants to be desired, and there is nothing wrong with moderately expressing their feelings towards a man in such a way that he knows that you are definitely interested in him. Showing your vulnerability is a big step towards building trust, and one of the fastest ways to create an emotional bond. When you lose vigilance with a man, he will do the same in response.

Example: "I thought about you today." Showing your feelings does not mean showing weakness. A person who is worth your time and love will appreciate this openness and honesty, and, of course, he will be very pleased. In the end, everyone wants attention and love, so take a deep breath and let him know that he has both.

Smilies, gifs and pictures

You can slightly dilute your messages by adding emoticons, GIF-files and images. Show him what he has in your mind, take a snapshot of what you have just been discussing, or when you find out about a new restaurant, write to him that you just need to go there, based on your love for Italian cuisine. When the weekend comes, express your emotions to your favorite "happy Friday" gif. And before bedtime, you can send a cute smiley heart.

This will help get rid of the feeling of "business correspondence" and build communication fun and easy. Men are always looking for ease in the early stages of a relationship, so why not give it to them?