4 stages of quality cleaning, followed by bona fide mistress

No time to clean? No problem. Learn the art of cleaning and clean up the entire house in record time. We will share with you some tips, which are divided into zones (rooms).

Mistakes when cleaning a house that take time

You may think that you are as efficient as possible when cleaning your house, but you actually spend more time on it than you could. First, avoid using too many cleaning products to avoid messing with them. Secondly, correctly prioritize. Most often, we make a choice in favor of the fact that it is easier to wash, and not those areas that are really worth paying attention to.

Tip: make a cleaning schedule and, most importantly, stick to it!

  • Set yourself reminders on your phone;
  • Make a list of what needs to be removed and mark what has been done;
  • Try not to be distracted by the phone while cleaning;
  • Share responsibilities with family or roommates.


Turn on some funny music and start cleaning. In the bedroom we spend the most time, so here you need to regularly vacuum and clean.

  1. Always clean the bed first;
  2. Gather all the clothes and put them on shelves and closets;
  3. Throw out all unnecessary garbage from the table, shelves and drawers;
  4. Wipe furniture from dust;
  5. Vacuum and clean the floors.


The kitchen is the place where there is always the most people, there we cook, eat and spend time with the family, so she definitely needs regular cleaning.

  1. Have towels, napkins and cleaning products on hand;
  2. Wash all dishes and stove with a microwave;
  3. Remove chairs and stools from the kitchen;
  4. Wipe the table and countertops;
  5. Wash off the sink;
  6. Take out the trash;
  7. Wash the floors and put everything back in the kitchen.

Living room

The living room is a place for the rest of the whole family, and this does not mean that it does not get dirty.

  1. Collect all paper, newspapers and magazines;
  2. Fold the blankets;
  3. Spread the pillows;
  4. Wipe all the furniture;
  5. Wash mirrors and glass surfaces;
  6. Vacuum and clean the floors.


This is often the smallest room, but no less energy-consuming when cleaning. It is always pleasant to use clean bathrooms and toilets, but not everyone understands that they are not so easy to wash.

Tip: Make sure that the bathroom always has soap for hands, toilet paper, air freshener and spare towels and install a night light.

  1. Wash the sink, shower and toilet;
  2. Check the stock of toilet paper, soap, etc.;
  3. Make sure the toilet brush is clean;
  4. Put a small garbage bin in the bathroom and take it out regularly;
  5. Refresh and wash towels.