Radiant festive eye makeup that only takes 3 minutes

Undecided, what makeup to choose for the New Year celebrations? We offer to make a bet on expressive eye makeup with shining shadows. Shades with metallic luster - exactly what you need for a festive New Year's look! At once, we say that making such eye makeup is much easier and faster than it seems.

When Huda Beauty released its first Rose Gold Edition eye shadow palette: everyone was mesmerized by how stunning the texture of these shadows was and how comfortable they felt on the skin. These shadows are best applied with a finger - easy and simple. And their intensity and metallic effect make you feel like a real party star.

You can choose any of your favorite shimmer shades and follow these few simple tips to help you create the perfect festive eye makeup.

Use primer

To make the shadows last the whole party, do not forget to put a primer on the eyelids. He will not let the shadows slip and fall. However, if your shadows are persistent by themselves, you can skip this item.

Choose the right shade

The surest option is gold or bronze with an active sheen. However, you can choose any shade of shadow that you like.

Apply the product to all moving eyelids.

Apply the shadows on all moving things with wide movements, for a greater saturation of the shade, paint over the middle of the century separately.


If you feel that you need to slightly shade the shadows and soften the transitions, then arm yourself with a medium-sized fluffy brush and blend the shadows.

Add glitter

If you want more shine, apply glitter on the eyelids over the shadows. Choose it to match the shadows. For the New Year's party - this is what you need!

Note: we advise you to paint your eyes before applying a tonal base - to shake off the excess shadows and glitter that fell on your face.