No longer a girl: 9 signs of a 40-year-old woman who say she cannot grow up

There is such a category of women - it seems that for her age she should have been smart, mature and wise for a long time, but no, she seemed stuck somewhere in the period of frivolous youth and doesn’t want to leave her. As they say, everything has its time, so it’s especially strange to see 40-year-old women who allow themselves the following things in behavior.

1. The vulgarity

Oh, those adult aunties, dressed in ultra mini skirts, extreme cleavage and shamelessly parading all their charms. They firmly believe that it is only possible to attract men in this way, but they forget that, firstly, it looks just gone, and secondly, no matter how cool, after 40 years, the woman’s body becomes completely different from showing its all in a row.

2. Silly humor

These types of jokes include black humor, low-spirited jokes, bearded jokes and jokes teeming with obscene expressions. A woman who pours such an abracadabra and in response to similar alien jokes just comes in from hysterical laughter obviously does not reach adult and self-sufficient.

3. Gossip

An adult self-sufficient woman will never stoop to discussions behind her back, gossip and gossip. She knows perfectly well that this is the lot of stupid young girls who simply do not realize how ugly and vile it looks.

4. The pursuit of fashion

In his youth, it was very great to be like everyone else and blindly follow fashion trends. But, nevertheless, at the age of 40, a woman should already develop her own taste, style of clothes and elements of wardrobe, which do not merge her with a faceless crowd, but make her graceful and unique.

5. Complexes due to appearance

That woman who by the age of 40 had not learned to be beautiful was a complete fool. And this is the complete truth. Complex because of the shortcomings and embarrass your own appearance can be in a vulnerable adolescent age. And if you are an adult and clever, then you should have learned how to skillfully hide your imperfections, and give dignity in such a way that everyone would consider you an ideal lady.

6. Financial dependence on men

Any wise woman knows that even if your man is an oil tycoon who provides inside and out, you should always have your own source of income and a certain amount deposited in an account that nobody knows about except you. You never know what can happen, and you will always be ready for any scenario.

7. Failure to refuse

In every woman’s life, there must come a moment when she steps on her throat to her own feeling of guilt and inconvenience and says “no” when she really wants to say it. Usually this time comes when a woman realizes her importance and respects, first of all, her feelings and emotions, and not the opinion of other people.

8. Communication with toxic people

Toxic people are those who take your energy, strength and pull back, not allowing you to move forward. At the age of 40, a woman should be able to eliminate them from her life, realizing how much negative they cause and how much they poison her.

9. The image of the victim

Children and teenagers love to try on the image of the victim. Everything is bad for me, I am offended, so everyone should pity me, comfort me, help and treat me extremely carefully, otherwise I will be offended even more. Such a position makes a person extremely weak, vulnerable and dependent on other people, especially if you are a 40-year-old woman already long ago.